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From fitness and nutrition to cooking and mindfulness, our range of wellness courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in a new career, or find a wholesome hobby that promotes ultimate wellbeing.

232,480 Graduates


Delve into the complex world of food science and discover how nutrition works from the inside out.

117,190 Graduates


Master the basics of energy metabolism and more complex sports nutrition principles and learn how to optimally fuel various types of athletes.

17,892 Graduates


Learn all about food science and how to apply this knowledge to develop nutritious and delicious food plans.

11,407 Graduates


Cultivate a deep understanding of what mindfulness is and discover how to better manage the stresses of daily life with regular practice.

10,816 Graduates


Learn how to balance the body, mind and spirit with an introduction to aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki and more.

32,933 Graduates


Learn how to cook with confidence! Gain theoretical and practical skills to give you the edge you need in the culinary world.

4,810 Graduates


Discover how to become an influential coach and learn how to effectively promote and encourage others’ personal and professional growth.

6,002 Graduates


Learn the best ways to care for a child, and unlock the skills and knowledge you need to promote early childhood learning and development.

126,683 Graduates


Whether you want to become a personal trainer or upskill in fitness and weight loss, discover the skills you need to take your fitness to the next level.

150 Graduates


Discover how to effectively deal with individuals and teams at work by gaining an understanding of the underlying psychological processes at play.

4,351 Graduates


Learn everything you need to know about knitting, from the basics to the knitty gritty, and master a new art!

2,201 Graduates


Explore the intricacies of human psychology and learn basic therapeutic skills that you can apply to everyday life.

1,516 Graduates


From basic doggy anatomy to body language and nutrition, learn essential dog grooming and care skills that will make you the bark of the town.

1,373 Graduates


From the first drop to the last, explore the origin of wine and learn how to prepare your own formal wine tasting like a connoisseur.

677 Graduates


From the heart and lungs to the digestive system, learn everything from the inside out and understand why things go wrong in the body.

1,098 Graduates


Plank, squat and press your way to a strong and toned body, and gain a solid foundation in the art of Pilates.

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