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Online Photography Courses

Our range of online bestselling photography courses help you begin your photography journey or enhance your current skills. Master fully manual mode. Learn to use your lenses correctly. Get perfect exposures every time. Discover new types of photography. Love the photos you take!

Professional Online Photography Course
1,503,225 Graduates



Become a professional photographer with complete training from beginner to advanced photography techniques.

Mobile Phone Photography: iPhone & Android Photography Course
177,739 Graduates



Learn how to take high-quality, amazing shots using iPhones or Android devices, and take your smartphone photography skills to a new level.

Digital Video Editing Course
53,755 Graduates



Discover everything you need to know about video production and how to become a master filmmaker.

Wedding Photography Course
32,749 Graduates



Learn how to capture the perfect wedding portraits and gain an additional revenue stream as a professional wedding photographer.

Adobe Lightroom Training Course
80,128 Graduates



Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom and discover everything you need to know about composition, exposure, editing, precision enhancement and more.

Online Photoshop Tutorial
211,687 Graduates



Master the fundamentals of Photoshop, from the basics to more advanced skills and processes such as masking and automation, and become a Photoshop pro.

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