What is our vision

Higher Education at Lower Cost.

Shaw Academy offers education without limitations. Whether you are a full time professional, part-time worker, someone looking for a career change or starting your own venture, it’s never too late to learn. We make it easy to get real qualifications which lead to real success, empowering hundreds of thousands of new students each month all over the world.






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Delivering great education, accessibly and affordably, to everyone.


1 course offered | 700+ students enrolled


Refinement of the technology & processes of synchronous education. Perfected cost efficient user acquisition strategy at scale – the PRM.

10 new courses offered | 22,000+ students enrolled


Shaw Academy launched its proprietary classroom based learning platform, Phoenix, which enabled the company to pursue its goal of higher education at lower cost as can be seen from the growth in student numbers that year. Phoenix allows for personalised teaching at unlimited scale, robust engagement features and extensive analytics and data science tools. Shaw Academy also moves fully to 1, 3, 6 and 12 month payment plans for its learners.

16 new courses offered | 100,000+ students enrolled


Shaw Academy secured over €9,000,000 in investment to scale the platform post restructuring the business. This investment allowed for refinement of existing courses, launching new courses & the ability to offer higher education at lower costs to more students than ever before worldwide.

50 courses offered | 153,000+ students enrolled


Shaw Academy is currently focussed on a growth strategy of promoting it’s the pre-existing courses into already established markets and adding new courses into those same markets. The best is yet to come, it is planned and it is happening.

100+ courses offered | 520,000+ ytd students enrolled | 2.1m is a work in progress


Shaw Academy is currently focussed on consolidating growth and continuing to provide an excellent learning experience. The launch of Shaw Enterprise platform took place in July 2021.

155+ courses offered | Multiple Languages | Over 420k students globally YTD

Our team

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Join us in providing the world a better chance at Education, changing the lives of millions, and impacting generations to come.

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