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Diploma in Photography

  • Getting Started — What do you want to shoot?

    This lesson begins with an overview of photography in the modern era. Good photography comes from inspiration; this will get you thinking about what you can do with photography, new areas to explore, and how to get familiar with camera types.

  • Camera Basics — Start taking control

    Start making sense of camera terminology and the various modes on cameras. Get familiar with what cameras can do and how to make the most of yours so you can enjoy your photography quickly.

  • Your View of the World Through Your Camera

    Explore different lens types, get to understand focal length, and how to get the most out of your current set up in Lesson 3.

  • Composition — Start seeing as a photographer

    Learn how to improve photos instantly by gaining a basic understanding of composition and ideas on what to look out for.

  • Shutter Speeds — Adding dynamic movement to your photography

    Discover what shutter speeds are and how to use them creatively to capture motion — an important step to full control.

  • Apertures — Controlling light and depth

    Lesson 6 will teach you what exactly apertures are and how to use them effectively to create depth — the next step to full control.

  • Good Exposure and the Light Meter

    What is exposure and how does the camera measure light? In this lesson, you will learn how to snap the perfect picture every time. No more photos that are too dark or too bright!

  • Manual Mode — Take complete control

    In this lesson, you will put together everything you’ve learned previously to take full creative and technical control. Getting to fully manual is only the beginning, but it is the key to unlock your potential as a photographer.

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I'm learning so much in the photography course! The lessons are interesting and fun. I love that Tom gives visual examples of the concepts and ideas being taught.


I am LOVING this Foundation of Photography course! I have a fancy camera and not much of an idea how to use it to take control and to take amazing photos. When I saw the Groupon I was intrigued.


I have registered with to do my Photography Course, and I have been nothing but pleased. The information is stunningly laid out and the instructors are clear and very interactive.

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