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Diploma in Early Childhood Development

  • Routine Ready

    In this lesson, you will gain a profound understanding of a baby's experience outside the womb and how this can affect their behaviour. The importance of routine in settling a baby will be discussed and you will learn how to create a daily routine that will aid in having a more settled baby.

  • Comprehending Crying

    In this lesson, you will learn more about why babies cry and how they use this system to warn that something is bothering them. This lesson will investigate the various reasons why babies cry and help you develop an elimination list to help narrow down and find the reason for baby's cries.

  • Successful Sleeping

    Delve into the art of successful sleeping. This lesson discusses how much and how often babies should be sleeping, and looks at various ways to help babies fall asleep and sleep safely, and how to master the skill of swaddling.

  • First Feeds

    Learn more about how much and how often babies should be feeding in the first few months. You will explore the requirements for introducing solids and learn more about feeding safety in this lesson.

  • Blissful Burping

    This lesson explores why babies need to be burped and the many different ways that this can be done. Lesson 5 discusses various methods for burping a baby in terms of positioning, execution, as well as pros and cons to each method, so you will be able to choose the best method for you and baby.

  • Keeping Clean

    In this lesson, you will learn how to interpret the contents of a nappy, how to clean a baby safely and effectively, and learn more about how appropriate nappy care can keep a baby healthy and happy.

  • Constant Cuddlers

    Explore the world of the fourth trimester and how this can affect a baby's behaviour in those first few months of life. This lesson looks at ways to help both carer and baby get through the day without compromise and learn the skill of baby massage.

  • Tummy Time

    Make sense of tummy time. The final lesson looks at why babies should be doing tummy time, for how long, and when to start introducing tummy time. This will discuss the various ways that tummy time can be done to accommodate a baby's needs (yes, even a baby with reflux!) and explore how to have a happy tummy time experience for you and baby.

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Really enjoying my childhood development course. Can the wait to do more!


Really enjoying the childhood development course. Only half way through but it's great! Opened my eyes about a few things and looking forward to putting it into practice.


Childhood development course. Great beginner course for anyone who wants to improve their childhood development knowledge for personal or job reasons.Amazing, interactive instructors take time to answer questions and give clear and comprehensive lessons.

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