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Diploma in Photoshop

  • Getting Set Up With Photoshop

    In the first lesson of Module 1, you will get familiar with the image editing powerhouse that is Photoshop. Discover and navigate the many editing options with a hands-on demonstration of the Photoshop interface.

  • Adjustments

    Lesson 2 is an exploration of the core adjustment options offered by Photoshop and will give you an insight into how each one works, and when and where to apply them. A firm understanding of how these strong adjustments work will allow you to enhance your images and give them a new creative edge as well as creating some truly unique artwork!

  • Layers and Masks

    Lesson 3 introduces you to one of the most important functions in Photoshop, layers. Layers allow you to enhance images in a non-destructive and continuously re-editable manner. This lesson will look at the basic principles and concepts of using layers and discuss all the different types of layers Photoshop offers. It will also look at masks, how they impact your image, and their power within Photoshop.

  • Selections

    Before you create amazing composites, you must first understand how selections can be used to edit images. Using selection tools enables you to create changes to specific parts of your images. Combining all the information you have learned so far, with the variety of selection tools available, you will be one step closer to making pictures perfect.

  • Composites

    Photoshop is renowned for its ability to put multiple images together, cut someone or something out of a background and drop them in another picture, or simply remove an unwanted object seamlessly. To begin to develop these hugely creative and practical skills, you need to understand both image layers and selections. Lesson 5 will demonstrate how you can create your very own creative composite, a piece of artwork to be proud of.

  • Retouching

    As a photographer, retouching an image is an essential skill to have. Photoshop’s highly sophisticated retouching tools allow you to remove unwanted skin blemishes as well as eliminate any distracting dust or scratches that might be visible on photographs. Among showing the powerful healing tools found in Photoshop, Lesson 7 also illustrates the artful practice of restoring an old damaged photograph and shows you how to bring it back to its former glory.

  • Colour Editing

    Understanding and controlling colour is key to successful design and image editing. This lesson will introduce you to colour theory. By understanding this you will also be able to make detailed black and white adjustments as well!

  • Effects

    Put all your skills together to create next-level images. Learn how to create glitch, dispersion, and double exposure effects. This lesson will push your skills to the max!

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I am busy with mobile app development, it's a fantastic course. I can't wait for my next lesson.


The MAD diploma is soooo much fun. I only did 2 love lessons out of 2 this far and I learnt so much already.


I bought subscription and I'm loving it. I'm done with my mobile development and web design and now I'm enrolled in both advances, I also added my sisters and a friend.


Doing my foundations of mobile app development diploma. Nice

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