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What you'll learn

  • Analyse trends and communicate through sketching
  • Grasp core interior design principles and build your design skills with theory
  • Understand various interior design computer-aided programs and how to use them
  • Gain practical skills to be able to run an interior design project
  • Present a professional interior design project and create your own portfolio of work

Course Content

module 1

Diploma in Interior Design




  1. The Sketch Book of Interior Design

    Kickstart your online course with an overview of the meaning behind interior design. In this lesson, you will discover the communication tools and tricks that designers use daily, an outline of what you can expect as an interior designer, as well as learn basic design terminology. You will then work your way through sketching and the critical elements you need to look out for when putting pen to paper.

  2. The Plan

    This interior design class delves into what a floor plan is and why it is the building block to any project. You will learn about space planning, as well as how to read a floor plan and its value in the interior design industry. Be prepared to get technical as you learn to draw up your very own floor plans by hand.

  3. Design Section in Elevation

    Discover the what, how and why of sections and elevations. You will begin this lesson by looking into how to mock-up detailed drawings, focusing on the tools and computer programs needed. This lesson is sure to leave your inner technical geek wanting more.

  4. Principles of Design

    In this lesson, you will learn to differentiate between the 7 Principles of Design (contrast, space, balance, emphasis, pattern, repetition, movement). You will also begin to understand ergonomics and how humans interact in one’s space.

  5. A View in Perspective

    What are perspective drawings and how do you read them? In this lesson on interior design, you will be introduced to Sketch-Up, and begin to create your own 3-dimensional sketches.

  6. Getting to Grips with Style

    In this lesson, you will begin to develop your own interior design style, looking at various design influences from Contempo and industrial to urban, modern, and retro, etc. This lesson will also touch on the effects of plagiarism and its importance.

  7. Let's Get Colouring

    The use of colour has a big physiological impact on space. In this lesson, you will unpack the importance of colour in design, and how to use colour effectively. You will also create your own colour wheel before moving onto the topic of rendering.

  8. It's All in the Timeline

    Module one of the interior design course wraps up with an overview and example of the typical timeline a design project generally follows. You will also be given an overview of all the people that you may encounter in your interior design journey. This lesson will expertly guide you into module two.

module 2

Intermediate in Interior Design



  1. The Designer

    Kickstart module two with an overview of what exactly an interior designer does and is responsible for throughout each stage of a project. You will also look at some of the most influential designers to date, and unpack the defining characteristics that make each designer a prominent character in the design world.

  2. The Client

    This class on interior design is all about the brief. You will learn how to set up a meeting with your first client and how to translate what the client wants into a brief. You will then begin your first project by learning exactly how to create this brief as part of the practical side of this module.

  3. The Architect

    Understand how interior designers and architects work together. In this class, you will get to grips with pivotal interior designers and architects in the industry, such as Zaha Hadid, and how they have impacted the way we design today. You will look at prominent architectural styles and the characteristics of these style types.

  4. The Concept of It All

    This lesson covers the concept of a project, what it means in the project timeline, and how a concept is developed. Discover the key factors of a client meeting that will lead you to the perfect concept, and how to create these concepts by hand as well as on your computer.

  5. Design Scheme

    The core of what interior designers create starts with the scheme. In this class, you will learn what the design scheme is and where it fits into the project timeline. You will also learn how to link your project with your design scheme, and how to create your very own scheme based on your client brief.

  6. Let's Get Sourcing

    Sourcing material and products is a huge part of what an interior designer does on a daily basis. This online class looks at different materials, their value, and usage in your projects. You will investigate where and how to use them, as well as how to source them. You will also learn how to deal with suppliers and contractors in this lesson.

  7. The Fabric of It All

    In this class, you will investigate the different types of fabrics an interior designer would typically use and where each is suitable for. You will also look at pattern and texture, and how they can be incorporated into different fabrics. Gain practical experience in estimating quantities and choosing fabrics and materials for specific projects and their spaces.

  8. Practising the Profession

    Journey through some of the key tips and tricks to practising interior design. This online class will take an in-depth look at the business side of interior design, and cover some of the most important documentation that you will need as a professional interior designer. You will also learn how to set up design contracts and offer quotations for your design fees.

module 3

Advanced in Interior Design



  1. Module summary coming soon!

    Module summary coming soon!

module 4

Proficient in Interior Design



  1. Module summary coming soon!

    Module summary coming soon!

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