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What you'll learn

  • How to use layers
  • When and why to use a specific tool
  • Best practices when designing infographics
  • Creative techniques to fully develop your understanding of the Adobe Illustrator tools and their possibilities

Course Content

module 1

Diploma in Illustrator




  1. Introduction to Illustrator

    Welcome to Adobe Illustrator! This lesson will familiarise you with the vector editing powerhouse that is Illustrator. Learn all of the possibilities of what you can design with the application and understand the key skills needed to progress through this course. Dive straight in covering topics such as installation, opening documents and how to use layers.

  2. Illustrator Tools and Interface

    The workspace is the life of Illustrator; it contains all the necessary tools and menus to help you find a workflow that matches your current skill set. In this lesson, you will set up and customise a standard workspace, looking at all of the different options like your toolbar and the many available panels. During this lesson, we will discuss the many tools available in Illustrator and break them down into easy to learn categories so you will know exactly when and why you would use a specific tool.

  3. Design Elements

    In this lesson, you will begin to develop a “designer’s eye” by understanding the building blocks of design. You will understand how to use Line, Shape and Color, and combine these elements with the Illustrator tools to help add structure to your designs.

  4. Typography

    Typography plays a critical role in all designs from strengthening your brand, creating interest in your designs, and highlighting the message of your artwork. Learn all of the theory behind what makes a good typeface and put it all into practice with a hands-on look at how typography is used in Adobe Illustrator and your designs.

  5. Logo Design Principals

    Logo design is all around us. Logos serve as instant reminders and points of recognition of products or brands. Here, you will examine best practices associated with creating logos and the challenge of incorporating a client’s ideologies into a single graphic, all while utilising the power of Adobe Illustrator for logo creation. This lesson will also dive into the importance of colour in your designs by looking at how it affects your overall design.

  6. Infographic Design

    Infographics are visual representations of data and information. They are intended to help convey information faster, as the mind processes images faster than words. This lesson will discuss the different infographic elements available and the best practices when designing infographics before approaching your own infographic creation in Adobe Illustrator.

  7. Creative Techniques

    This lesson breaks away from the topical-based lessons to focus solely on Adobe Illustrator and how you can increase your understanding of some of the tools. This lesson will tackle some creative techniques to fully develop your understanding of the Adobe Illustrator tools and their possibilities.

  8. Creation to Export

    With all of your knowledge now obtained on various topics, tools and skills, it is time to put everything into action with a defining project. Understand the steps involved from creation to export and finalise your artwork with all of the essential finishing touches.

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I am doing 3 solid courses with Shaw Academy namely: Photoshop, photography and online marketing, and they are all awesome. I love all the instructors.


I started with a Groupon coupon for $9.00 for the Foundation in Photography class.


I started with Shaw Academy doing the Diploma of Photoshop and the course is great and i would encourage anyone to start learning with them . Thanks Shaw Academy for your help in this goal

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