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Diploma in How to Start a Business

  • Your Guide to Starting a Business

    Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming at first, but this lesson will help you to grasp the very fundamental information that you need to consider before starting your own business. Understanding your company type and exactly what your market will be are the two key principles that are covered in this lesson.

  • Beyond the Basics

    Business structure is essential to ensure you have the support needed for your company. This lesson will give you the tools you need to organise your company structure, manage your staff, explore more financial concepts, and prepare you for setting up a business plan in Lesson 3.

  • Creating Your Business Plan

    A business plan will give you the ability to plan how you turn your vision into a business. It will enable entrepreneurs to answer the tough day-to-day questions as the plan will have been considered and will help the individual look at the cash flow forecast, market research, and the milestones to make the start-up a reality.

  • Your Corporate Identity

    Having professional looking design elements (logo, email signature and flyer design) is crucial for your business. Not only will your customers then take you seriously, but you will also have a sense of pride in what you do. In this extremely competitive age, you need your business to stand out in all the noise. Professional-looking design is one of the ways to stand out. This lesson is all about teaching you amazing tips and tools to make use of so your business can have that edge. All tools being illustrated in this lesson are free online-based software, so you can access this from almost anywhere. You will be taught how to create a company logo, an HTML based email signature as well as other corporate identity elements like a poster design.

  • Overall Marketing Plan

    No business would succeed without some form of marketing — nobody will know about you if you don't tell them. Once you have your objectives and you know your target market, it's time to create your marketing plan. Learn about the marketing funnel, and different marketing platforms and considerations, including content, SEO, and paid advertising.

  • Social Media Marketing for Start-ups

    The average adult spends 5.9 hours a day with digital media which means that, for businesses, social media marketing is a crucial element to success in any industry. Learn how to develop a social media marketing strategy for your start-up that enables you to post like a pro while focusing your efforts where it matters most — on growing your business.

  • Creating and Optimising Social Media Profiles

    This practical lesson teaches you how to create and optimise social media business profiles on the top channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Website Design Principles

    In this lesson, you will be introduced to the world of website design. You will learn about key components and tips that can make your site unforgettable for all the right reasons! A few of the concepts discussed include usability, responsive design, and emerging design trends. You will learn top tips and guidelines on key elements of your site such as images, text, and calls to action. The topic of outsourcing your website design vs doing it yourself will also be explored to help you make this vital decision.

  • Introducing Website Builders and E-commerce

    Now that you have covered the basics of web design it is time to talk about what an e-commerce site is and the different elements that you need to consider when creating one. During this lesson, you will receive a demonstration on how to use Wix and WordPress, two very popular website builders. Your introduction to web design will conclude with a section on the most frequently asked questions based on this subject.

  • Optimising Your Website and Marketing Performance

    The only way a business can gather info (data) about its digital marketing efforts and website visitors is through tracking. Understand what tracking is and how it is done, with an introduction to Google Analytics. The data you collect through tracking is critical for growth, and even if you do nothing but implement Google Analytics in the beginning, you'll be in a good position to improve your business. Learn about proven ways to improve website performance with simple changes, and the questions to answer when looking at increasing your marketing spend.

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