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Diploma in project management

  • What is Project Management?

    In this lesson you will be introduced to the world of project management and the different processes and methodologies that guide the industry. You will understand the different roles and responsibilities of the team members that make up a project.

  • Project initiation phase

    In the project initiation phase we will look deeper into topics such as project scope, deliverables, goals, objectives and milestones. The different influence and interest of stakeholders within a project. We will evaluate different project documents such as the stakeholder register and project charter.

  • Defining the project plan

    The world of project planning will be broken down into key elements such as work breakdown structures, project dependencies, estimation techniques and Network diagrams.

  • Planning cost, time and quality

    The journey through the project management phase continues into the second part of the planning phase. Cost management will be broken down into the four primary phases namely: determining budget, cost control. costs incurred and estimating costs. Quality management will be discussed in terms of customer satisfaction, quality assurance, quality control and estimating techniques.

  • Change control and risk management

    In this lesson we will discuss change management and how to handle risk management. These are all essential function within a project!

  • Procurement & User acceptance

    The project execution phase will be discussed throughout this lesson. We will tackle topics such as planning for procurement and how to receive acceptance from users.

  • Project execution & Leadership

    In this lesson you will learn about the different tasks involved in executing a project, as well as different leadership styles that can be applied.

  • Monitoring & Controlling

    This lesson covers the 10 processes within the monitoring & controlling process

  • Project closure

    Nearing the end of module one topics around project closure will be discussed. Vital elements including lessons learned and closeout reports.

  • Introduction to Gantt charts

    In this lesson we venture into Monday.com for a practical demonstration of Gantt chart. The dependencies we discussed in previous lessons will be broken down into more detail and applied in the Gantt chart.

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