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What you'll learn

  • Understand how the camera works on mobile devices
  • Understand how different lenses work
  • How to edit through apps
  • How to correctly expose
  • Improve your photo composition

Course Content

module 1

Diploma in Smartphone Photography




  1. The World of Smartphone Photography

    We all use our smartphone for photographing different things. In this lesson we are going to talk about some popular styles of photography so we can think about what photographs you like to capture, this will help you develop and enhance your own style. We will explore the features on your smartphone and learn how to set it up to get the best possible images at the highest quality.

  2. Lenses and Accessories

    Smartphone cameras, like all cameras give us a view of the world which is very different to how we see with our eyes. In this lesson, we are going to look at how we can gain control of that view. We will talk about the difference between digital and optical zooming, and different lens attachments. We will also discuss how light forms the images that we capture with our smartphones.

  3. Composition

    In this lesson we will develop the creative side of our smartphone photography by exploring composition. We will expand our creative potential by mastering compositional techniques, such as rule of thirds, leading lines and angle of view. Developing strong compositional skills will increase the impact of your photographs and draw the viewer into the picture.

  4. Motion & Depth

    Motion and Depth are essential to expanding the creative potential of your photography. Controlling and manipulating motion and depth in your images will allow you to add drama and sophistication to your images. Whether you want to freeze an athlete in action or blur the flow of a waterfall, controlling motion will expand your capabilities and allow you to explore new subjects.

  5. Landscape Photography

    Learn how to improve your landscape photography in an iPhone or Android device by using different metering modes and ND filters, and the best times to get out there and shoot!

  6. Portrait Photography

    Portraits make for great photos but are challenging at the best of times. Even more difficult is taking good photos of ourselves! Find out how to get your best side every time and take stunning portraits of your friends and family in this lesson.

  7. Lowlight and Night time

    After dark the world lights up! But our phones can struggle to capture photos. However you would be surprised at what your phone is capable of at night! Learn how to capture light trails, light painting and even star trails with your phone in this smartphone photography class.

  8. Apps and Editing basics

    Today there is nearly as much interest in editing and enhancing pictures as there is in taking photos. In this lesson we are going to explore creative enhancements with some mobile photo editing apps. Mastering these skills will transform your images and give them an impressive edge.

module 2

Intermediate in Smartphone Photography



  1. Instagram

  2. Black and White

  3. Nature and Wildlife

  4. City and travel

  5. Studio Part One

  6. Studio Part Two

  7. Lightroom and Photoshop Apps

  8. Starting a Business

module 3

Advanced in Smartphone Photography



  1. Module summary coming soon!

module 4

Proficient in Smartphone Photography



  1. Module summary coming soon!

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The facilitator makes you look at photography in a new light and is inspiring in the many possibilities that you can achieve as a photographer.


This has been one of the most informative courses I have taken. The instructors explain everything in such a way that makes it so easy to understand. I can't wait to finish this course so I can sign up for my next one. I highly recommend Shaw Academy.


Shaw academy is one of the best institutions that I've attended. Brilliant experience and I highly recommend shaw academy.


I've just started the photography course. Lessons are exciting and explained in easy to understand terms.

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