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Diploma in Social Media Marketing

  • Introduction to Marketing and Social Media Marketing

    The first lesson in your professional diploma will introduce you to the world of marketing and, specifically, social media marketing. You will cover a high-level overview of various marketing terms and see exactly how social media marketing fits into your overall marketing strategy. You will learn about social media strategies that you can incorporate into your marketing, budgeting for social media as well as frequently used social media marketing terms.

  • Getting to Know Social Media Platforms

    In this lesson, you will become familiar with the social media platforms mainly used for social media marketing and the types of audiences that mostly use these platforms. You will learn how to choose which platforms are best for your business social media marketing.

  • Deciphering Your Target Audience

    This lesson will teach you how to identify your target audience for social media marketing. You will gain an understanding of who is using social media, how to identify your target audience, and the elements to consider when compiling your target audience and segmenting them into buyer personas.

  • Social Media Strategy

    In this content-packed lesson, you will learn about the various elements that are required to build a social media strategy for successful social media marketing. Identifying goals, how to measure your success, and identifying the various platforms and content types that you will use to market your business on social media are key aspects of this lesson.

  • Optimising Your Social Media Profiles

    In this lesson, you will learn how to create accounts on the main social media platforms as well as how to optimise your profile so that you are easily found online. This lesson covers Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

  • Basic Data Analysis and Reporting

    In this lesson you will learn about the various metrics that you can measure on the major social media platforms, how to access them on your social media channel, as well as what to include in a social media report.

  • Content Creation 101

    This lesson introduces you to various social media content types, the content development process, and what makes engaging content for your audience as well as what your audience wants from you.

  • Introduction to Social Media Management

    This lesson delves into the basics of social media management, explaining what it is and what it entails, as well as what it takes to manage your social media marketing. You will also be introduced to more advanced concepts such as community management, reputation management, social listening, and more!

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My SMM & ORM class has been great so far. Daniel has been wonderful!


The Social Media and ORM course has been awesome so far. I have learned a lot of about social media and how to use it more for my business.




My name is Dele from Lagos, Nigeria and I am on my 3rd course with Shaw Academy. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned a whole lot.


Thoroughly enjoying the Social Media course by Daniel Byrne. Well presented, clearly explained, all basics covered.

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