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Social Media Marketing Course


Social Media Marketing Course

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781,051 Students

Want to stay relevant with your knowledge & skills in social media marketing? Join our top-rated social media marketing online course today! Among the best social media marketing courses online, our Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing is suitable for any level of skill or experience. It has been designed to prepare social media enthusiasts, specialists & executives to engage specifically with social media marketing within an overall digital marketing context, including content marketing (both creation & distribution), and social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn & Twitter on which you can promote the content. Your search for the best social media marketing courses end here. Enroll today!

781,051 Successful Graduates

8 Interactive Lessons

4 Weeks Long

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Module I - Introduction


8 Interactive Lessons

Weekly Assignments + Fun Quizzes

If you miss a lesson, you can always view the recordings later.

  • Lesson 1 - Getting to Know Social Media expand!

    What is Social Media? What are the fundamentals? How does this all impact your business? You will learn exactly why your business should be using Social Media Marketing as a tool to reach more customers. We introduce social content and the benefits of using it to reach more followers. We will look at the basics of identifying your audience and targeting them correctly so you can leverage that knowledge into building a community of followers online, that can be turned into buying customers.
  • Lesson 2 - Knowing Your Audience expand!

    Social Media is all about having a conversation online. Social Media Marketing is all about turning that conversation into drawing potential customers towards your business. If you don’t know who you’re talking to though, how can you know what they want to talk about? In this lesson, we look at identifying your potential audience, how to talk to them correctly and how to convert your broader audience into leads, and your leads into buyers.
  • Lesson 3 - The Platforms – Social Content expand!

  • Lesson 4 - User Generated Content – YouTube, Instagram & Beyond… expand!

  • Lesson 5 - Facebook Advertising expand!

    Do you want to understand how to get and keep the right customers? In this lesson, we are going to show you how to target your audience for lead generation. You will learn how to create content and get that content in front of the right audience to drive conversions. Most importantly, we will show you how to track your successes.
  • Lesson 6 - The Sales Funnel – Turning Your Leads Into Buyers expand!

    Once you have established a strong social media presence, identified your audience and created a constant reliable lead flow, what then? Do you know the expected numbers in terms of conversion or drop off? Do you know the value of repeat business? Understanding the Sales Funnel of our customer journey is essential. We want to turn leads into buyers, but also to maximise the efficiency of those efforts and have our buyers come back again as loyal repeat customers.
  • Lesson 7 - Data Driven Marketing & Sales expand!

    During lesson 7, we discuss the importance of analysing our data to understand the impact of our Social Media efforts. We introduce many processes and tools which will help guide our decision making so we can alter our campaigns for maximum impact. Remember, data drives decisions for professional marketers and allows you to take control of your own destiny in the social space and how to get the absolute maximum return on investment possible while optimising your efficiency.
  • Lesson 8 - Strategy – Monetising the Process expand!

    In our final lesson of this introductory course, we look at Social Media from a purely “Return on Investment” perspective. How can we use our quality content to generate measurable commercial gain? We explore the world of E-commerce, look at some different models and approaches, and learn how to optimise our content and channels to guarantee a high return on investment for our business. We will take everything we have learned so far and look at how to bring it all together into a strategy that not only works, but works in an efficient, profitable manner.

Module II - Social Monetisation Module

  • Week 1: Creating Engaging And Desirable Content expand!

    Content is king when it comes to Social Media. We will focus on the key platforms and how we should aim to utilise different types of content. This week we will also look at tools for content creation, how we structure our content and how to ensure maximum visibility from organic content.
  • Week 2: SEO - Monetisation - Revenue Creation In The Online Space expand!

    Social Media is now an outlet where brands can thrive. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow Marketers to sell directly through these platforms. Understanding how to make this possible and how to integrate this with your wider Digital Marketing Strategy is essential. ROI is the keyword. We will also look at tools available for selling through Social Media and tracking your Sales data.
  • Week 3: Further Developing Facebook For Social Media Marketing expand!

    Facebook is the largest Social Media Platform and vital to the success of any online Marketer. We understand what is possible with Facebook, now we need to see how to make it fit and apply a strategy to it. From Advertising to Analytics, we look at developing our ability to successfully utilise it. This week we also study using Pixels for Facebook advertising and conversion tracking, analysing your Facebook data and applying it to future marketing campaigns, and also Power Editor for Advertising.
  • Week 4: Twitter - Making The Most Of Your Second Screen Experience expand!

    Twitter is a platform that can break even the best of Social Media Marketers. The nature of the platform means we must keep our finger on the pulse and utilise emerging features straight away. Consumers will often view major events while checking Twitter and hence why we have to ensure we are part of their ‘second screen experience’. You will also learn about Twitter Conversion Tracking, Twitter Amplify, and how to develop your strategy to include Twitter.

Module III - Visual Communication Module

  • Week 1: Instagram - Visual Content For Business expand!

    Instagram has recently become one of the biggest Social Media platforms. This recent growth has seen the brand presence on the platform increase and the features available for these brands widen. These changes will open new ways to reach our intended consumers. This week you will learn about tracking Instagram advertising campaigns, developing your Instagram analytics, and strategy development for Instagram.
  • Week 2: LinkedIn - B2B Marketing And Lead Generation expand!

    Social Media doesn’t just lend itself to Business to Consumer organisations. We need to target other businesses if our product or service allows for it. Using the products that LinkedIn offer, we can make the most of lead generation software and effective targeting. You will learn about LinkedIn Sales Navigator, strategy development for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for Business.
  • Week 3: YouTube - Video Content For Social Media expand!

    Video content is becoming more important for brands with every passing month. By using the features provided by YouTube, we can ensure that this easily consumed content reaches the right audience and effectively delivers our message. You will learn how to create YouTube advertising campaigns, develop a strategy for YouTube and also learn about specific tools for YouTube.
  • Week 4: New Emerging Social Media Platforms expand!

    When we look at social media marketing, there are 5 main platforms we utilise; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. The rise of Social Media Marketing will mean that new companies emerge every so often to try take market share from these giants. This week we will examine how to effectively utilise any new platforms for our business. Snapchat, Periscope and Niche social media platforms are the main focus for the week.

Module IV - SME & NPO Module

  • Week 1: Social Media For SME’s And NPO’s expand!

    One of the biggest challenges for smaller companies is reaching the right audience on Social Media, and this is even more difficult for NPO’s who work with tight budgets. This week aims to showcase how to effectively reach your audience for conversions while not breaking the bank. We look at the features available for SME’s and NPO’s on the main platforms and how to maximise the impact of your content.
  • Week 2: SEO And Social Media expand!

  • Week 3: Advanced Social Media Management expand!

    Management is one of the most important parts of Social Media Marketing. As marketers, we are tasked with operating a number of platforms and using the right tools is critical to our success. We will have an in-depth analysis of the tools available and a detailed demonstration of the alternative services offered by these tools.
  • Week 4: Auditing Your Social Media expand!

    When we develop our Social Media Strategy, being able to critically analyse the performance of our efforts will ensure continued success. Auditing our content, our advertising and our engagement is vital for Social Media Marketing. You will learn what to look out for when auditing Social Media and what tools we can use for Social Media Auditing.


Opeyemi Mobolaji-Idowu
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My SMM & ORM class has been great so far. Daniel has been wonderful!


Kishka Hopkins
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
The Social Media and ORM course has been awesome so far. I have learned a lot of about social media and how to use it more for my business.


Tina Kapadia
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon


Dele Agadumo
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
My name is Dele from Lagos, Nigeria and I am on my 3rd course with Shaw Academy. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned a whole lot.


Tegan Smith
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
Thoroughly enjoying the Social Media course by Daniel Byrne. Well presented, clearly explained, all basics covered.


Robbin Devine-Henry
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
If you like to learn online and at your leisure, Shaw Academy is the place for you. Timely and relevant lessons.


Paul Neilson
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
I am currently doing the Social Media course and it's excellent all round :)


Julie Riley
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
So far I'm loving the Social Media course. It's already taught me some things I didn't know, and has cleared up a few questions.


LA Stevens
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
This is the third class I've taken with Shaw Academy. The lower level courses do have lots of students and you may not get your questions answered within the interactive course session but you can get them answered quickly by e-mail or post to social media.


Darien Vorster
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon
Currently busy with the social media course & loving it!

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