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Diploma in Web Design

  • Introduction to Web Design

    This lesson will teach you the basic elements of web design such as HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). You will learn exactly what it means to be a web designer and how it is different to a web developer, while also analysing the difference between web sites and web applications.

  • Web Design Foundations

    In this lesson, your eyes will be opened to the world of features such as tables, background images, and customisation. Position properties, CSS Syntax, and colour codes will be added to your skill set. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to code along and produce a basic web page.

  • Navigation

    In this lesson, you will learn a multitude of navigation styles including sidebar, horizontal, and the theory of Hamburger and multimedia menus. You will then apply these to the web page you built in Lesson 2 and customise it using CSS and HTML scripts.

  • Planning a Website

    This lesson will discuss the techniques used to plan a website. Whether it’s to convey your vision to a client or to plan a personal project, this lesson will teach you everything you need to know about colour theory, domain names, KPIs, and website layout techniques.

  • Digital CV Part 1

    In this lesson, you will begin work on a digital CV that you can use when applying for jobs in order to showcase your new skills! You will learn how to use Hamburger menus as well as hero images to take your site to the next level. You will also venture into the world of JavaScript.

  • Digital CV Part 2

    Part 2 of the Digital CV lesson covers how to make your website fun and interactive! This lesson will cover topics such as forms, images, buttons, and transparency. You will learn how to create a contact page while making use of new techniques such as linear gradients and transitions.

  • Digital CV Part 3

    In this lesson, you will create a portfolio gallery as part of your digital CV. You will gain some valuable insight into how to get your CV just right as well as an introduction to responsive design.

  • Digital CV Part 4

    The final lesson in Module 1 is centred around a career page that you can customise with the tools you have learnt throughout this course. You will learn the art of basic infographics, how to create testimonials, and how to create round avatar images!

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I just started the advanced Web design course. I'm so excited! My husband took 3 certificates from Shaw Academy in the past.


Introduction to web development from Shaw Academy is a fantastic starting point for anybody that wants to enter into the web design/development arena.

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