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Tarot Reading Class Overview

  • Give accurate intuitive tarot readings delivered in a professional way
  • Understand how to use Tarot to help heal others and yourself
  • How to use Tarot to guide others and yourself
  • Make your own spreads and ask the perfect questions
  • Know the best way to consult the Tarot for important decisions

Tarot Reading Course Content

module 1

Diploma in Tarot Reading




  1. Introducing the Tarot

    The first lesson in this course provides a warm welcome and introduction to the incredible world of Tarot, focusing on the practical wisdom and guidance that Tarot can provide in everyday life. Tarot is a phenomenally powerful and informative tool, helping you in achieving personal and professional counsel in life. Explore how Tarot cards have occupied people’s minds and imaginations for centuries. Delve into Tarot reading, from Jung’s point of view, as a process that unveils the unconscious and which follows the perennial clues of psychic alchemy. Lastly, explore how to select your deck of cards.

  2. Preparing to Read the Tarot

    This lesson will show you how to prepare for your tarot reading. Explore storing, cleansing, protecting and attuning methods, and look at tried-and-tested opening and closing rituals, shuffling, and cutting techniques. We also examine jumper cards - cards that jump out of the deck when you are shuffling and other misunderstood mishaps.

  3. The Tarot Reader's Lexicon

    This lesson overviews the 78 cards of the Tarot deck, each card having its own imagery, symbolism, and story. The 22 major arcana cards represent monumental, ground-breaking influences. They are powerful karmic and spiritual lessons representing life-changing motions that define the beginnings or ends of cycles. These dynamic cards appear during major transitions, signalling distinctive moments of transformation. The 56 minor arcana cards, on the other hand, reflect everyday matters. They reflect the trials and tribulations that we experience daily. We explore the ruling element of each suit and the meaning of the court cards. and numerology behind the cards. In addition, we look at the representations of gender and age, the metaphorical meaning of the fool’s journey and decipher some key terms.

  4. The Anatomy of the Tarot Deck

    This lesson looks at the connection between Tarot and numerology. Interpreting the meaning of the number on the card adds an extra layer to your tarot reading interpretation. Both the major and minor arcana are numbered, giving each card a unique numerological meaning that tells us more about the nature of the card. We will also explore the significance of number patterns in your readings.

  5. The Art of Reading Tarot

    This lesson provides practical and simple card interpretation techniques that will catapult your tarot reading mastery. We also identify common mistakes that tarot readers make and identify techniques for dealing with difficult clients.

  6. The Feared Tarot Cards... Now What?

    This lesson explores some of the more feared cards in the deck which reflect more intense energy. While certain Tarot cards are feared due to their imagery, they provide the same purpose as any other card in the deck - to illuminate points of improvement. They bless you with a new perspective and insight to take a positive proactive approach. Tarot cards reflect the entire lived experience and would not be accurate or useful if they only reflected the lighter side of life. They represent the whole journey from start to finish complete with highs, lows, and everything in between. Each of the cards contain powerful spiritual lessons that once mastered lead to joy and happiness in all areas of life. We will look at how to reframe these feared cards to continue your growth and understanding.

  7. Tarot Reading Ethics and Phrasing Questions

    This lesson discusses the ethical methods of Tarot reading to ensure that your readings reflect the values of your higher self and enlightened sense of purpose. The Tarot reader’s role is also to assist their client’s journey in ways which respect the client’s values and capacity for self-determination. We will also explore how to frame tarot questions. Asking productive questions can really illuminate your tarot readings, add value, establish direction, and unlock the answers you seek.

  8. How to Start a Tarot Reading Business

    This lesson looks at key online and offline marketing strategies to establish your tarot practice. We look at how to retain existing clients and take you through the key signs to see if you are ready to become a professional Tarot reader.

module 2

Intermediate in Tarot Reading



  1. Major Arcana: The Fool and The Magician

    This module explores the major arcana cards. In this lesson, we explore the Tarot card meanings for the Fool and the Magician.

  2. Major Arcana: The High Priestess, The Empress and The Emperor

    This lesson continues to explore the cards of the major arcana. In this lesson, we explore the tarot card meanings for the High Priestess, Empress, and the Emperor.

  3. Major Arcana: The Hierophant, The Lovers and the Chariot

    In this lesson, we explore the Tarot card meanings for the Hierophant, Lovers, and the Chariot.

  4. Major Arcana: Strength, Hermit and Wheel of Fortune

    In this lesson, we explore the Tarot card meanings for Strength, Hermit, and the Wheel of Fortune.

  5. Major Arcana: Justice, Hanged Man and Death

    In this lesson, we explore the Tarot card meanings for Justice, Hanged Man and Death.

  6. Major Arcana: Temperance, The Devil and The Tower

    In this lesson, we explore the Tarot card meanings for Temperance, Devil, and the Tower.

  7. Major Arcana: The Star, The Moon and The Sun

    In this lesson, we explore the Tarot card meanings for the Star, Moon, and the Sun.

  8. Major Arcana: Judgement and The World

    In this lesson, we explore the Tarot card meanings for Judgement and the World.

module 3

Advanced in Tarot Reading



  1. Minor Arcana Cards: Wands and Their Meaning

    This lesson looks at the suit of wands. The suit of wands is connected to the element of fire, dealing with our passion and energy. Wand cards are related to creativity, purpose, and how we yield our individual force.

  2. Minor Arcana Cards: Cups and Their Meaning

    This lesson looks at the suit of cups. The suit of cups is connected to water, which is associated with emotions, feelings, and intuition.

  3. Minor Arcana Cards: Swords and Their Meanings

    This lesson looks at the suit of swords. The suit of swords is connected to air and the mental realm, whether that's intellect and thoughts or how those thoughts manifest.

  4. Minor Arcana Cards: Pentacles and Their Meaning

    This lesson looks at the suit of pentacles. The suit of pentacles is connected to earth, and as such they deal with the material world. They are often associated with money but can also symbolise our values, worth, and feelings of safety.

  5. Minor Arcana: Court Cards - The Queens

    This lesson looks at court cards, many people mistakenly believe that a court card represents a person when it more accurately describes a personality type. Here, we dig a little deeper and provide you with an easier way to understand their meaning within a reading. Start off by examining the queen as the caregiver of the court, the emotional manifestation of the suit she rules. The queen’s energy is receptive, understanding, compassionate, and intuitive.

  6. Minor Arcana: Court Cards - Kings

    This lesson looks at the king in each suit. The most mature and serious of the court cards, they are strong, natural leaders and true authorities with visible power both selfless and ruthless.

  7. Minor Arcana: Court Cards - Knights

    This lesson looks at the knights in each suit; they depict someone who acts rashly and decisively. These cards indicate where (and what type of) action may need to be taken in your life.

  8. Minor Arcana: Court Cards - Pages

    This lesson looks at the pages in each suit. As the youngest member of the court, the page represents newness and promise across the board. Drawing a page card may suggest incoming news, messages, or internal realisations. They are on a path of discovery, with the most important thing being their examination into who they are and where they are headed.

module 4

Proficient in Tarot Reading



  1. 3-card Straight Spread

    This lesson focuses on the 3-card spread that gives insight into your past, present, and future. It is a great spread for quick answers and for sequence of events questions.

  2. 5-card Star Spread

    This lesson will enable you to master the 5-card Tarot spread. It is easy to use but can give a deeper perspective on a variety of situations. This spread is versatile and can be used for many different topics such as love, relationships, career, money… The list goes on!

  3. 7-card Horseshoe Spread

    This lesson will equip you to use the 7-card horseshoe spread. The card layout will represent the past and present, hidden influences, the querent him or herself, attitudes of other people, what the querent should do to solve the problem at hand, and the eventual outcome of the situation.

  4. 10-card Tree of Life Spread

    This lesson draws inspiration from the Sephirot of the Kabbalistic tree of life. The tree of life is used as a tool to understand the relationships between all things and how they relate to us. This spread represents you and your worldly goals, it examines all the major factors surrounding the querent's present situation. It looks at the spiritual, emotional, career, home, and family circumstances as well as the querent's responsibilities.

  5. 10-card Celtic Cross Spread

    This lesson will guide you through the Celtic cross spread which is arguably the most used spread but also one of the hardest to interpret correctly.

  6. 12-card Horoscope/Zodiac Spread

    This lesson unravels the 12-card wheel of the Zodiac spread. This spread forms a pattern resembling the astrological birth chart, beginning with Aries, and ending with Pisces. It is designed to help the querent get an overview of his or her life mission: karma, talents, aversions, goals, and potential. From a psychological perspective this spread will look at identity, attitude, and motivation. There are times that we need those deeper readings, and the Zodiac Tarot spread is a fantastic option.

  7. Designing Your Own Spread

    This lesson will help you to create your own Tarot spreads provided by a step-by-step guide.

  8. Real Life Tarot Readings

    This lesson will show you some real-life Tarot readings. This is a brilliant lesson to see professional readings in action!

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The breakdown of all the different parts of tarot card reading is starting to make sense now.


The more I learn through this program the better I get with the interpretations of the cards and how they all interact with one another. My confidence is up and feel my vision of having a business has finally come true. Thank You Shaw Academy.


I am really enjoying the crystal healing & tarot courses.. It is for both for pleasure & business in the future as I have always had an interest in both crystals & healing.


I am learning so much more than I expected! I love it!

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