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Python Programming Class Overview

  • Write basic Python script
  • Utilise data structures and data types
  • How to handle syntax errors and exceptions
  • Understand how to use micro web frameworks such as Flask
  • Write a simple calculator code

Python Programming Course Content

module 1

Diploma in Python Programming




  1. Welcome to Python - Introduction and Python Installation

    This class will give you a high level description of what Python programming is all about, and why it is the best language for beginners. The lesson will familiarise you to different Python support group sites. A demo showing how to install Python in your machine and then write a basic Python script will be given.

  2. Python Basics

    An introduction to basic data types (strings, numbers and boolean data types) will be given. Variables and their important use cases in Python programming will be discussed. Lastly learn, other basic Python Syntax, such as how to write comments in Python programming language will also be covered.

  3. Decision Making

    This online class will cover different types of decision making statements in Python programming language, and how they are associated to boolean datatypes.

  4. Control Flow and Decision Making

    This lesson will cover three types of loops in Python, including For Loops, While Loops, and Nested Loops.

  5. Python Data Types

    An extensive in-depth description of Python data types will be given. We will discuss how to store, manage, extract and manipulate data stored in some of these data types

  6. More On Data Types

    Further discussion on data types will be continued in this python programming class. Difference between mutable and immutable data types will be elaborated.

  7. Exceptions and Error Handling in Python

    There are two kinds of errors in Python, syntax error and an exception. We will discuss what is an exception error, and how to handle it using raising exception and assertions statements.

  8. List Comprehensions

    In this lesson, you will be shown how to write control flow statements inside list, dictionary and tuples. We will elaborate on the efficiency and benefits of writing a program in this form (lists comprehensions).

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The experience from Shaw's Academy content on introducing and mastering the Python application was a rich experience for me. The webinars, assignments, reminders, feedback and free content is a great experience. Thanks Shaw Academy.


The teachers at Shaw Academy are absolutely amazing, thank you so much for everything you have helped me with so far!

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