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Diploma in Web Development

  • Web Development Full Stack

    The internet has connected the world to a whole new level of information sharing. The web industry is full of unusual terminology from the definitions of technology, to common design methodologies, to the difference between websites and web applications. In Lesson 1, you will learn about the benefits of both, as well as the purpose and value of building your own, whether as a working professional or for personal use.

  • Creating Web Pages

    The world of web 2.0 has seen the decline of the original static informational websites, and the advent of the new, dynamic, and interactive web application. In this lesson, you will learn the structure and components of both websites and web applications.

  • JavaScript Fundamentals

    Websites and web applications are often separated into two main components: the front-end and the back-end. The focus of this lesson is on the purpose and function of the front-end and the technologies used to generate a visually appealing and responsive website.

  • Setting Up a Web Server

    Web applications cannot exist without a back-end. The ability of a web application to recognise, remember, and recall information about a user, and to provide personalised, dynamic content is what sets them apart from a standard website. This lesson will investigate the two main technologies used to provide this dynamic functionality, namely the back-end code and databases.

  • Programming Fundamentals

    The defining feature of a website is its accessibility through the World Wide Web. In this lesson you will discover how you can bring your production website or web application from staging through to a live server, accessible to the entire internet via your domain name.

  • PHP and Back-end Code

    What roles exist in web development? The industry includes many disciplines and opportunities across a broad range of abilities, from both technical and design backgrounds. Professions themselves have many overlapping skillsets, so you are free to specialise in the area of your choice. Alternatively, freelancers and full-stack developers require a broader range of skillsets to handle anything that comes their way.

  • PHP and Databases

    Some websites and web applications serve products, ideas, or information, but whatever the value of the site, it is possible to generate an income from your users. Revenue stream options will be discussed in this lesson depending upon the kind of website that is built.

  • Putting It All Together

    With everything else in place, the final step is to ensure that users know about your website. Search Engine Optimisation is a hugely important tool to direct appropriate users to your website when you hold the solution to their problem. As web developers, it is very important that you understand the impact of your website design and build to this end.

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ust had my first lesson for web development and its been fantastic. As it was the first lesson, it was an hour and a half long but it flew by!! Absolutely wonderful.


I barley write reviews but I have taken the introduction to Web Development Course and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this site to anyone. I cant belive the support they offer, they are very quick to respond and its no different to attending a college.


hey guys, completed my diploma in Web development course with a score of 93% on my final assignment!.JULIAN QUIRKE(educator) made us spellbound with every session and love the way he teaches and GUYS give that man a 'MEDAL' haha!!.


I recommend anyone to take Shaw academy courses.currently doing web development I have not been able to join any webinar sessions but the recordings are awesome.


Very excited about the mobile Web development course I started this week. The first lesson was awesome!

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