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What you'll learn

  • Understand JavaScript programming languages
  • Understand functional programming languages using JavaScript
  • How to develop a complete application from scratch using React.js
  • Learn the best techniques and practices for using React in the industry
  • How to use React Hooks

Course Content

module 1

Diploma in React JS




  1. Introduction to React and JavaScript

    This lesson will give you a high level description of what is React JavaScript all about, and why it is so important to have it in your Skills set. The lesson will introduce you to JavaScript Programming Language. A demo showing how to install Visual Studio Code in your machine and then we will write a basic JavaScript program.

  2. JavaScript Data Types and Variables

    This lesson will introduce you to the basic JavaScript data types, we will also discuss Variables and the important use cases of them in JavaScript. Lastly, other basic JavaScript Syntax, such as how to write comments in JavaScript programming language will be discussed

  3. Statements in JavaScript

    The lesson will explain how to write JavaScript sentences and commands, it will also discuss conditionals such as If statement and finally will end the lesson by loops

  4. Arrays

    This lesson will cover the basics of arrays and where to use them. Then will explain the using of pop method to remove a value from the end of the array, push method to add a value to the end of the array. Also will look at Shift to remove a value from the beginning of the array and unshift to add a value. We are also going to take a look on what types of values we can store inside the array. How to access each value by its index and modify them as well

  5. Functions

    This lesson will discuss functions, what they are and syntax associated with writing a function in JavaScript programming language.

  6. Objects

    In this lesson you will understand what is Objects and we can do by using them, you will also learn how to create and work with objects

  7. ECMAScript (ES6) Refresher

    This lesson will teach you the new feature of JavaScripts including arrow functions and how to create them, then will move to the new way of doing string concatenation in JavaScript, and finally will look at destructuring

  8. More on ES6

    This lesson will be completing the previous lesson and will explain more feature of ES6 including ForEach, Map function and how we use it, and will end up with Filter function and how it works

module 2

Intermediate in React JS



  1. Module summary coming soon!

    Module summary coming soon!

module 3

Advanced in React JS



  1. Module summary coming soon!

    Module summary coming soon!

module 4

Proficient in React JS



  1. Module summary coming soon!

    Module summary coming soon!

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Love love LOVE Shaw Academy! I took the course I loved every minute of it! I learned more in the first few lessons of this online course than I did during my University’s class. I am now proud to say I am a lifetime member of Shaw Academy….


I have enjoyed the React JS class so far. I have gained valuable knowledge & the course is way better than I expected it to be.


The team do a great job at cramming so much information into each hourly session. It never feels like cramming though and stays in the memory easily.


An excellent resource in react Instructor is extremely knowledgeable of subject, best practices, but also understanding the important concepts in react such as hooks, component lifecycle and so on .

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