Advanced Diploma in Mobile App. Development

Advanced Diploma in

Mobile App. Development

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The mobile app world is continuing to grow and expand with plenty of opportunities for those who make apps. This programme will provide you with all the skills you need to take you from your app idea to publishing your app. Over the 3 semesters you will create 3 separate apps, each targeted at a different market/audience, learning the skills along to way to develop an app from scratch and how to make it a success.

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24 Interactive Lessons

12 Weeks Long

24 hours +


From $54,000 to $220,000+

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24 Lessons – 12 Weeks - 3 Semesters

Monday: Learn New Skills | Wednesday: Analysis/Application Webinars

The Wednesday webinars are very interactive and will change each course iteration. As long as you’re a member, you will be registered for them indefinitely, so you can log in anywhere in the world to practice and apply the skills you have learned.

Module II - UI & UX Semester - Corporate App

Module III - Data Storage Semester – Facilitator App

Module IV - Functionality Semester – Standalone App