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Viral Marketing Class Overview

  • Foundations of content and viral marketing
  • Storytelling
  • How to identify your target audience
  • Create newsletters and email marketing
  • SEO, SEM and UGC

Viral Marketing Course Content

module 1

Diploma in Viral Marketing




  1. Successful Storytelling Made Easy

    Kickstart the course by examining a successful case study of content and viral marketing (CVM) and you will learn that telling your story is very straight forward. This will allow you to move onto two of the most important topics – to whom are you telling your story and how do you ensure your message spreads like wildfire?

  2. Knowing Who to Tell Stories To

    Time is precious and there is no point spending all of your time and energy marketing to people who are never going to buy into what you are selling. This lesson focuses on helping you to fully identify your target audience and to tailor your message to those exact users. People always say, “Content is king”, but knowing your audience trumps king every time.

  3. If You Build It They Will Come

    What do you do after you have found your audience? It’s simple but crucial – you need to create amazing stories that people want to invest in. In this lesson, you will learn the vital basics of how to tell your story and how to set up a blog to drive traffic and engagement. You will see the hunger for visual content and how vlogging can create enormous engagement. A great story told in the right way can lead to incredibly quick growth in profits.

  4. Facebook - Build Your Lead Flow

    Imagine telling your customers a story using images, text and video. Imagine that telling this story will grow your lead flow exponentially. People do business with people, and you need to understand and trust one another to be successful in the stories you share. In lesson 4, you will look at Facebook and learn how to deliver your message to the masses, both organically and through promoted posts advertising. You will also learn the power of native advertising and how to implement the same.

  5. YouTube - Go Viral with Overnight Success

    A simple piece of content can help you achieve overnight success. This is the dream of every content marketer and in this lesson, we will show you how set up your YouTube channel and create and deliver your content. You will see how the visual space is extremely important within the framework of content marketing. You will learn how others have achieved an increase of up to 1000% in sales through viral content, including an example with Shaw Academy. Let us show you what it takes to go down the path of viral content, so you too can enjoy the success it brings.

  6. Let Your Content do the Marketing

    Why do we create content? We want to tell stories through great content because we are looking to drive profitability (or other positive metrics) through marketing efforts. If you can’t monetise your content, then all that effort, energy and recourses have been in vain. In this lesson, you will learn how to bring your customers on a journey from engaging with your content through signing up for newsletters to email marketing and, ultimately, becoming a paying customer.

  7. Converting and Analysing Your Traffic

    Imagine when somebody searches on Google, they find you. Nowadays, the customer is looking for you, all you need to do is position yourself correctly to be found. In lesson 7, we will cover the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) and how content marketing is in fact at its core. We will show you how to optimise your content through paid and organic search engine marketing (SEM). The use of Google Analytics and Facebook Insights will help guide your decisions around content and focus your efforts on what converts.

  8. Build Your Strategy to Keep Them Coming Back

    Without a well thought out strategy, your efforts will fall flat. You are all looking to build long-term relationships with people, and content marketing is the opportunity to do so. Imagine if part of your strategy was getting your customer to do your marketing for you… Well, with user generated content (UGC), you can enjoy an endless source of engaging content, and it’s essentially free! In this lesson, we will show you how to develop a strategy that will allow you to achieve recurring revenue and continuous success in the digital space.

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Outstanding courses in both Financial Trading + Digital Marketing! Great Support!


I just finished diploma in digital marketing 91% distinction obtained, would definitely recommend.

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