Advanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Advanced Diploma in

Social Media Marketing

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The Advanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing will show you exactly how to run your Social Media campaigns successfully. The primary objective is to help you develop strategies to use with each platform effectively and to widen your Digital Marketing efforts. As Social Media is becoming the most important part of Digital Marketing, you will learn how to utilise a number of key platforms to vastly improve returns from any Social Media Marketing activity.

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24 Interactive Lessons

12 Weeks Long

24 hours +


From $35,000 to $250,000+

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24 Lessons - 12 Weeks - 3 Modules

Monday: Learn New Skills | Wednesday: Practical/Application Webinars

The Wednesday webinars are very interactive and are heavily influenced by students attending real. As long as you’re a member, you will be registered for them indefinitely, so you can log in anywhere in the world to practice and keep up with this rapidly changing subject. There is no end date to these Wednesday practical’s because Social Media Marketing is so dynamic and constantly evolving..

Module II - Social Monetisation Module

Module III - Visual Communication Module

Module IV - SME & NPO Module