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Digital Marketing Programme

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The purpose of the Ultimate Digital Marketing Programme is to equip students with all of the practical skills necessary to learn how to generate revenue online and vastly improve returns from any current online marketing activities. The types of online marketing, the resource management, the most successful media aspects and the software used have all been chosen and developed specifically for you; the new digital marketer looking to optimise the success that this industry offers.

Successful Graduates

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24 Interactive Lessons

12 Weeks Long

24 hours +


From $35,000 to $250,000+

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24 Lessons - 12 Weeks - 3 Modules

Monday: Learn New Skills | Wednesday: Practical/Application Webinars

The Wednesday webinars are very interactive and are heavily influenced by students attending live. As long as you’re a member, you will be registered for them indefinitely. You can log in anywhere in the world to practice and keep up with this rapidly changing subject. There is no end date to these Wednesday practicals because Digital Marketing is so dynamic and constantly evolving.

Module II - Digital Marketing Module

Module III - Content Marketing Module

Module IV - Social Media Module