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Diploma in Psychology

  • What is Psychology?

    In this lesson, you will learn what psychology is and what you can do with these skills. You will also learn about the key players that contributed to the development of psychology as well as the major schools of thought within psychology.

  • What Really Happens in Therapy?

    This lesson will teach you about the basics of psychological treatments and counseling, introduce you to different types of therapy, and teach you some basic therapeutic skills that you can apply to your everyday life.

  • Caring for Others

    In lesson 3 you will learn about confrontation, multiple perspectives, and reframing the client's story, as well as influential skills. You will also learn about the five stages of microskill interviews and open communication.

  • Psychological is Biological

    This lesson explores the role of the brain and nervous system in psychology, the structure of the brain and the function of the various regions of the brain, as well as how they impact your physiology and psychology. You will learn about neurons, neurotransmitters and chemicals, and their roles in psychology and daily functioning.

  • How Much of the Brain Do We Really Use?

    This lesson will answer the question, how much of the brain do we really use? You will learn about the nervous system, the brain, as well as degenerative neural disorders.

  • Cognitive Development

    In lesson 6 you will explore cognitive development, what it means and who contributed to this theory, as well as what their core principles were that contributed to Cognitive Development as we know it today. You will also delve into the nature versus nurture debate — does our environment determine who we are or is it our nature?

  • Abnormal Psychology

    Lesson 7 looks at abnormal psychology. You will learn about DSM 5, and normality and abnormality which are concepts that not everyone will agree on. The DSM 5 categorizes abnormal behaviors for the purpose of diagnosis.

  • Social Psychology

    In the final lesson of Module 1, you will learn about social psychology. You will learn what social psychology is, its core social motives and key features. You will also explore 'ordinary personology' and social cognition. Why do people do what they do?

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