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Diploma in Pilates

  • The History of Pilates

    In this lesson, we explore the inspiring history of Joseph Pilates. We start by understanding why Joseph decided to create his own exercise method to how the Pilates method evolved over time. We learn about breathing which is one of the Pilates principle. We explore the reason as to why this breathing method is preferred and the benefits. Lastly we gain the skills and knowledge to perform Pilates breathing.

  • Principles of Pilates

    In this lesson, we discover the 6 Pilates principles. We understand the importance of each Pilates principle by discovering the purpose of each principle. Each principle relates to a Pilates exercise of an area of Pilates, in the lesson you will discover how we can practically apply all principles to our sessions.

  • Neutral Spine

    In this lesson, we discover the neutral spine and the neutral pelvis. When we are in the neural pelvis it does not automatically mean that we are in a neutral spine too. We explore the differences and similarities between the two. We practically gain the skills and knowledge to apply neutral pelvis and spine to our Pilates practice.

  • Core Strength

    In this lesson, discuss what muscles form a part of the core muscles. The core muscles are known as the powerhouse in Pilates. We explore the different muscles and learn how to test our core strength. The sky's the limit when it comes to core strength, we can always improve. Once we have tested the core strength we discover exercises which we use to strengthen the core.

  • Fundamental Core Exercises

    In this lesson, start scratching the surface of all the amazing exercises you can perform in Pilates. The lesson is dedicated to learning new core exercises. We will learn the benefits of the exercises, how to perform them effectively, and how to modify them to different individuals' needs.

  • The Hip Joint

    Pilates has many different benefits, one being a safe and effective way for individuals with joint injuries or problems are still able to strengthen their muscles through Pilates. In this lesson, we learn about the structure of the hip joint. We learn how to practically apply our anatomical knowledge through exploring a few Pilates exercises to aid in the rehabilitation of the hip joint.

  • Spinal Articulation Exercises

    This lesson is dedicated to spinal articulation exercises. Spinal articulation is the ability to move the vertebra in segment, or piece by piece. Spine strength and control are very important in Pilates, therefore we take the time in this lesson to learn the benefits of each exercise, how to perform it, and how was can tailor it to an individual's needs.

  • Safe Exercising

    When we are exercising we want to make sure that we reduce the risk of injury to the best of our ability. In this lesson, we learn all about what safe exercising entails and how we can practically apply safe exercise principles and methods to our Pilates sessions.

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