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Diploma in Dog Grooming

  • So, You Like Dogs?

    During the first lesson, you will learn the benefits of professional dog grooming and why regular grooming is important. You will be introduced to the variety of dog breeds from around the world and some interesting facts about them and their anatomies. Knowing the basic anatomy of a dog is important to avoid injuries and for early detection of health issues so that the dog can seek medical treatment.

  • Let's Dig Into It

    All dog breeds are divided into 7 groups which will be discussed during this lesson, as well as which dog breed will suit your personality the best. The lesson delves into common illnesses and diseases that may arise and touches on the subject of dog nutrition and how to ensure that your dog gets the nutrition it needs.

  • Equip Yourself

    In this lesson, you will learn about safety hazards and how to create a safe working environment. Because you are working with a live animal it is important to take measures to protect yourself as a groomer. You will be introduced to the variety of equipment needed to groom as well as the maintenance thereof.

  • Doggy Body Language

    Being a dog groomer you will be handling different types of dogs every day, from nervous dogs to aggressive dogs and disabled dogs etc. In this lesson, you will learn how to read a dog's body language and how to approach different dogs in a relevant manner. You will also be shown how to handle each type of dog while grooming.

  • Let Me Take a Look At That

    A dog can sometimes get the strangest things stuck in their coat; this lesson will show you how to remove these items from their coats and discuss what affects a dog's coat and grooming. Lesson 5 will also touch on pre-grooming assessment but this will be explained in more detail in module 3.

  • Hair, Hair, EVERYWHERE

    Lesson 6 is all about the different types of dog coats, from curly to smooth, wire to silky, and everything in-between, as well as the difference between a hair coat and fur coat. Learn how to de-shed a dog and how to remove the undercoat from a double-coated dog, plus how to detangle knots painlessly and easily because even dogs get tangled hair.

  • Rub-a-dub-dub in the Tub

    During this lesson, you will be educated on the correct methods and techniques on how to brush and bath a dog to receive maximum results. Demonstration videos will be present in this lesson to show you exactly what to do. You will also learn how to brush a dog's teeth which will take place during the bathing process. You will also learn how to bath and dry your dog like a pro from home.

  • Blowing You Away

    The drying process is very important to reach the end goal of having a smooth, tangle-free soft coat. When drying, one should also brush continuously to prepare the coat for grooming. A demonstration video will be included in this lesson to show the technique. Safety while drying will also be discussed to ensure a pleasant experience for the dog.

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