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Diploma in Introductory Physiology

  • Life is Physiology = Physiology is Life

    The main focus of lesson 1 is to introduce you to physiology, show you how physiology is relevant to your everyday life and why it forms a pivotal part of life itself. You will be introduced to one of the important organs — the heart and how it is the centre of life for the body. Learn basic terminology that will help define and introduce you to scientific communication.

  • Drop that Beat (The Heart)

    In Lesson 2 you will get a better understanding of and insight into the heart's functionality, and why the heart is such an important part of survival. Learn more about what heart rate is, what the measurement is used for, how it is maintained, how it is changed and why heart rate changes.

  • Circulatory System 101

    Lesson 3 builds on the knowledge gained in lesson 2. Here you will learn about how two important systems, the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, work together to serve a purpose in the body. You will look at the manual manner in which humans have to use CPR to replicate the same effect of a circulatory system in saving lives. Discover the importance of breathing and why it is essential for life.

  • Breathe In, Breathe Out (The Lungs)

    Learn more about how the lungs help to maintain the body and provide oxygen to organs which are essential for survival. Think about characteristics and features the lung should have in order to supply oxygen and expel waste products such as carbon dioxide.

  • Who's Fueling Who? (Digestive System)

    In Lesson 5, you will recap on previous lessons and discover how the systems that maintain the body are themselves maintained and what allows these systems to run in an ongoing manner. This lesson will offer insight into why energy/fuel is needed to keep these processes running. It also delves into the digestive system and how it helps the body function and fuel itself.

  • Hungry to Learn About Getting Food Into the Body

    Take a closer look at how the body actually helps the digestive system replenish with food and the various mechanisms the body uses to do so. We look at salivating, seeing food and then eating it, as well as learn new terminology that is linked to the digestive system.

  • Preserving Energy (Liver and Pancreas)

    In Lesson 7 we ask the question, what happens when we take in enough food to provide energy? Learn more about how the body preserves fuel for survival and what organs help in this process. Gain insight into what glucose is, its purpose and how the body regulates it with insulin. What is a glucose test, and what does it tell us about our body?

  • Applied Physiology 101

    In Lesson 8 we wrap up our module by recapping what we have learnt about the body and how to apply our knowledge. We look at the scenario of L1 and now we start to apply our knowledge of physiology in the scene of the various systems into understanding how physiology forms part of our lives.

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