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Mini MBA In Business

  • Business Strategy Basics

    "At the end of the this lesson you will - Review the full course overview & understand the components that make up this course - Identify the types of businesses, entities, the 3 business contexts and the purpose of business; - Recognise the purpose and components of a business strategy and strategic plan ; - Understand the business context using Porter's 5 Forces model which is a situational analysis to determine the business context; - Complete a personal Elevator pitch"

  • Results matter : accounting basics

    "At the end of the this lesson you will - Categorise transactions using the Accounting Equation; - Understand the common language of Accounting : GAAP, IFRS, and IAAS"

  • The economic perspective

    T"At the end of this lesson you will - Understand definition and branches of Economics; - Explain rational choice & key concepts in Economics; and - Construct the Production Possibility Curve based on your understanding and application of key concepts"

  • The exciting world of marketing

    "At the end of this lesson Students will - Explain the concept: 'Marketing' - Understand Strategic Marketing & Value Creation - Complete a strategic marketing plan using the 7P's of marketing model"

  • Sustainable Operations Management

    "At the end of this lesson you will - Understand the Strategic Role of Operations Management as a major business function and strategic asset of the business, and - Describe the conversion/transformation process and its components"

  • Human Capital

    "At the end of this lesson you will - Define human resources (HR) and identify the 3 roles of HR; and - List the roles of traditional HR managers and explain their purpose"

  • Technology begins with management information systems

    "At the end of this lesson you will - know what is a management information system and why is it a business imperative, - know the 5 components of information systems, - know the types of information systems, and - know the risks and challenges in this functional area"

  • Leadership Fundamentals

    "At the end of this lesson you will - understand the difference between a manager and a leader, and - learn to recognise the skills and capabilities of an effective leader by examining examples of good leaders in business today"

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Plenty of good and practical information! I know I'm gonna return to Shaw Academy for other courses.


The teachers at Shaw Academy are absolutely amazing, thank you so much for everything you have helped me with so far!

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