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Read MoreYou will receive 18 hours of advanced content the Ultimate Entrepreneurship Programme. Our mission for every single student that attends our courses at Shaw Academy is to provide a platform for self-improvement through practical and useable education. Invisible Hours You and I know about the 'invisible hours' that are needed to build a business to the point where it is going to be taken seriously by the general public. We will show you where to put ...

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  • Lesson 10 -

    Communication application


    Without communicating efficiently and correctly we are wasting our time when it comes to business and really life in general. In this lesson we use the information from the previous lesson and apply it to some student's websites to see how to communicate in a way that leaves no room for error. We need to make sure our communication is concise and clear. We need to make sure that a potential customer understands what it is that we do in our business. This lesson covers making sure we have clarity in communicating the solution that we are offering.

  • Lesson 11 -

    Success Strategy


    This lesson covers some of the top tips for making more sales, getting the best out of people and 4 strategies for advanced negotiation when your counterpart will not engage in constructive negotiation. We build your efficiency capabilities by looking at the different styles of thinking for handling an issue and we introduce the idea of six sigma. Memory techniques with layers.

  • Sell more with a higher priced item
  • Advanced negotiation
  • 4 steps to making a sale
  • Effective thinking
  • Japanese approach to business
  • Find the efficiency bottlenecks We finish out this lesson with examples individuals overcoming adversity in a variety of disciplines. We look at historical figures and people from the modern day. We will consider the story of fighter pilots and boxing trainers, writers and jazz musicians. They all have something in common with each other and in how they achieved their goals. Find out what in this reflective and engaging lesson on success strategies.
  • Lesson 12 -

    Success Strategy Application


    The previous lesson we brought together a lot of different ideas about tips and tricks to use in business. In this lesson we put it into practice. We understand that from the colour of our logo to the shape has an impact on how our business is perceived. This lesson is a look into the psychology of colour and shapes and how they impact our decisions. We pull back the veil to reveal how many of the household names have used these ideas.

  • Lesson 13 -

    Advanced networking


    Being successful in business is helped hugely by knowing the right people. We know that it is not easy to go to a networking event, approach a strange and start a conversation. It can make even the most confident person nervous. This lesson involves opening a conversation as well as some linguistic acrobatics to lead a conversation where you want it to go. A lot of people think a good first impression is what matters. Where in actual fact, it is far more important to leave a great lasting impression. This lesson will take you through the framework for giving yourself a great opportunity to do just that.

  • Lesson 14 -

    Advanced networking application


    Going even deeper into becoming a great networker we consider the ideas of group pawning, getting a seat at the table and telling great stories to engage an entire group. Some of these techniques are not for the faint hearted and require practice but if you really want to be the most engaging person in the room then this is the lesson for you.

  • Lesson 15 -

    Building Blocks 1


    With all the techniques for sales, networking and everything else that goes along with being in business, it is all a waste of time unless you understand how other people think. The best tools in the world for fixing an engine are no good unless you know why they are the best tools and how they work. It is the same with people. You may know the most in depth theories about persuasion but unless you know why these techniques work then you will struggle to make any advances. This lesson is based around the building blocks of us, people. We explore how to understand the different types of intelligence that exist and how they fit into the bigger picture of making up a person's personality and hence their outlook on life.

  • Lesson 16 -

    Building Blocks 2


    Following on from the previous lesson where we considered the different types of intelligence that exist, we look at some of the most influential figures in history to understand how they fit into the frame of MI theory. If we look at people who were close to genius level in certain intelligence areas we can take almost a simplistic view of the different intelligences and begin to then look for more subtle clues as to intelligence types in the people around us. We use the genius's to spot the intelligence with ease so that we can understand it and then we think about how we can apply this to our own business model. This lesson coupled with the previous is a fascinating look into what makes us who we are.

  • Lesson 17 -

    Digital marketing


    We get back to the business of marketing in this lesson where we look at how to market ourselves online. Marketing has not changed since the dawn of time. We have to position ourselves as the expert and let people know that we exist. There are of course a few more subtleties than that. In this lesson we explore what you can do to give your customers as good an experience as possible on your website. We look at navigation and layout as well as looking at real life examples of both good and bad websites.

  • Lesson 18 -

    Digital marketing application


    In our final lesson we apply the rules of marketing from the last lesson so that we can see not just how important marketing correctly is but also that we can understand how important market research is. If you are in business and you are guessing as to what you think your customer base would want then the chances are you are not going to be in business very long. This final lesson will ensure that you are approaching your business with your eyes wide open and with a full understanding of what is involved in testing your idea and continuously refining it.