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Diploma in Knitting

  • I Love Yarn

    In this lesson we will discuss the difference between the various man-made and natural fibres and how to choose the appropriate fibre and yarn gauge for their projects. Students will learn how to read a yarn label so that they can easily and correctly choose yarn for their knitting.

  • The Knitty Gritty

    In this lesson the students will be introduced to the tools used to knit. They will learn how to identify the correct needles for a specific project and to understand sizing conventions and use a needle gauge. Students will also be shown how to make stitch markers from things found around the house.

  • A Star-studded Cast (On)

    This is the first hands on skill demonstration lesson. Students will be shown, step-by-step, how to cast yarn onto their needles in preparation for their first knitting project. They will learn three cast on methods and how to identify the appropriate cast on depending on the item they will be making.

  • Stitch Yes!

    Using video demonstrations and illustrations (for the summary pack so that students can access the information easily offline) participants will learn the difference between continental and English style knitting. Using the continental style, students will be shown how to make a knit stitch and how to knit back and forth to make the garter stitch. We will then learn how to get the knitted item off the needles by binding off our stitches.

  • Purl It

    Using video demonstrations and illustrations (for the summary pack so that students can access the information easily offline) participants will learn the different methods for forming purl stitches. The Norwegian purl will be the focus of this lesson. It is a complicated method; however it is significantly more ergonomic and worth the effort.

  • Let's Make Squares

    In this lesson students will use the purl stitch with the knit stitch to knit in rows to create the classic stockinette knit. Adding to their small stitch library, students will learn to make the moss stitch. Using the stitches learnt in lesson 4, 5, and 6 students will knit squares and bind them off to prepare for the next lesson.

  • Seams Like a Great Idea

    Participants will learn how to block their knitting and why blocking is important. Using scrap yarn and a darning needle, students will learn how to sew their blocks together to make a baby blanket. We'll also discuss how to get creative with colours and stitches to design a blanket.

  • Final Flourish

    Students will learn how to finish their knitting neatly by weaving in ends. As an extra, students will be shown how to make and add tassels and/or pompoms to their blankets.

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