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Cooking & Baking Class Overview

  • Confidence and competence using a variety of knives and knife skills
  • How to read recipes, weigh ingredients correctly and use them to create high-quality dishes
  • How to understand different cuts of meats and vegetables as well as the most appropriate cuts to use for each specific recipe or application
  • An understanding of all cooking and baking methods, principles and procedures
  • Practical skills to begin a career in a commercial hospitality kitchen, catering company, bakery or any position where the skills are needed

Cooking & Baking Course Content

module 1

Diploma in Cooking and Baking




  1. So, can you cook?

    In the first class, you will learn a variety of important cooking and baking terms, which will help you to feel confident in the kitchen and keep up with the classes. You'll learn how to identify the different types of knives (as well as discuss their various uses) and will be shown how to choose the best quality knife to suit your needs, as well as how to best take care of them. The practical portion of this lesson focuses how to fry the perfect egg.

  2. Blades, Not Bandages

    This online cooking class is aimed to give you the confidence to chop like a pro. Proper knife skills are vital in the kitchen and knowing the proper technique can literally save you a finger. In this lesson, you will not only learn how to use your knife but also how to sharpen a dull blade. You will also be able to identify the various cuts for vegetables (using your newly gained knife skills).

  3. Can we bake something already, Chef?

    This is a delicious lesson you do not want to miss. It focuses on understanding what each kitchen/pantry must ideally be stocked with and how to understand all the settings your oven has to offer. The baking class finishes with an amazing practical on how to create mouth-watering and moist banana pecan muffins.

  4. Home for the Hollandaise

    Sauce has the power to make or break a dish, and mastering the art of making a sauce is a skill that every chef needs to perfect. This lesson is focused on understanding a roux, mother sauces, and stocks. The practical portion of this lesson will show you how to create a roux and what needs to be done to take it to a finished product.

  5. Cake it easy, man!

    Have you ever heard of a Genoise sponge cake? Never fear, Lesson 5 will show you what that is (and why it is different from a regular or chiffon sponge cake), as well as everything in between! Put your newly learned baking terminology to good use and understand why your ingredients need to be at room temperature. There will also be a demo on how to create this delicious sponge and by the end of it, you can rest assured that your mouth will be watering!

  6. Keep it Clean

    Do you know the difference between foodborne illness and food poisoning, or food safety, sanitation, and personal hygiene? Knowing the ins and outs of food safety is imperative, especially if you are cooking for groups of people. Knowing how to clean, separate, cook and chill various types of food can help you reduce the risk of illness and reduce food waste while saving on costs.

  7. Who are you calling fatty?

    This online class details the various fats that can be used in cooking and baking, as well as the characteristics of each with a demo focusing on the correct technique to bake melt-in-your-mouth butter biscuits. In addition, this lesson will also delve into the world of raising agents. You will learn what these are as well as why they are important and which types to use for various recipes. Once again, a lesson to truly make you drool...

  8. Sunday Lunch

    The final class in Module 1 of the cooking and baking course elaborates on meat browning. Explore how to perfectly brown your meats and understand why this method creates such a delicious taste in your favourite roast dishes. The demo is aimed at helping you put the pieces of what you have learned over the last 7 lessons into practice. You will learn how to cook the perfect roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and a variety of vegetables, topped off with an Espagnole sauce. Yum!

module 2

Intermediate in Cooking and Baking



  1. Let’s Get Jiggly

    To kick off Module 2, you will learn all about the science of gelatin and how it works in order to produce sweet or savoury set products. By the end of this first lesson you will also be able to create sweet and savoury hot or cold dishes set with egg.

  2. Meat With Me

    Learn how to identify different cuts of meat from different animals, how to cook a meat product to desired ‘done-ness’ (rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well, and well-done), and become competent in methods like French trimming a rack of lamb, and cleaning a fillet steak.

  3. Are you chicken?

    In this class, you will learn how to identify different types of poultry, and discover which cooking methods are best to use for each type. You will also learn how to joint a chicken!

  4. Surfs Up

    After this cooking class you will be confident in cooking a variety of seafood dishes as well as knowing which methods are suitable for which ingredients.

  5. Finger on the Pulse

    In this lesson, you will learn how to apply cooking techniques for a variety of starches, vegetables, pulses and grains.

  6. I Love Buns

    This class is all about baking. Learn how to confidently bake breads and buns as well as how to use different flours and ingredients to create delicious baked items.

  7. Confection Perfection

    Understand the principles of confectionery and learn how to create mouthwatering and beautiful confectionery products like Macarons and chocolate truffles. Mmm...

  8. Sweet and Soft

    The final lesson of Module 2 of this baking course will teach you how to ice a cupcake like an expert, fill profiteroles, and make a classic custard dessert such as crème brûlée or crème caramel.

module 3

Advanced in Cooking and Baking



  1. What's Inside — A Guide to Offal

    In the first lesson of Module 3, you will learn how to correctly prepare, cook and finish offal dishes.

  2. Hollandaise for Days — Emulsion Sauces

    Time to get saucy. This lesson will teach you the skills and tricks needed to be confident and competent in cooking emulsion sauces such as Hollandaise and Béarnaise.

  3. You’re So Sweet — Puddings and Baked Desserts

    Lesson 3 is all about dessert. Learn how to confidently bake puddings and desserts such as the delicious sticky toffee pudding and the South African malva pudding.

  4. Sausage Party — Sausages and Cured/Smoked Meats and Pâté Part One

    In this lesson, you will learn how to correctly cure a cut of pork/beef as well as smoke it. You will also learn the difference between hot and cold smoking.

  5. Braising Like a Boss!

    In this lesson, you will gain the skills and confidence to cook a variety of savoury stews and casseroles, including cassoulet, bourguignon, shanks, osso buco, and curry.

  6. It's Time to Be Serious! — Food Costing

    Understand how to calculate food cost, where to save extra money and how to maximise on profits.

  7. Pie Face — Sweet or Savoury Pies, Pastry, and Dumplings

    Learn how to bake both savoury and sweet pies including a delicious blueberry pie with delicious homemade pastry. Drool!

  8. Let it Go — Frozen Sweetness

    Rounding off Module 3 with a touch of a frost, this lesson will teach you how to make creamy, delicious ice cream and other frozen delights.

module 4

Proficient in Cooking and Baking



  1. Sexy Soufflé

    Moving on to more advanced techniques and recipes, this baking class is all about the soufflé and how to bake one like a pro.

  2. Sausage Party Part Two

    If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make your own sausages, this lesson is for you! By the end of Lesson 2, you will be able to make a sausage from scratch.

  3. It's a Classic — Classic Dishes From Around the World

    Broaden your knowledge of international cuisines with a bit of food history, and learn the history of some of the world’s famous chefs.

  4. Blast From the Past — The Golden Oldies

    Learn how to prepare a variety of old favourites like beef Wellington, roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and apple crumble etc.

  5. Sweet Baby Meringue — Meringues, Mousses, Parfait

    This class will give you an understanding of the role that air plays in helping sugary sweet dishes such as meringue and mousse keep their shape, and how different amounts of air incorporated into these can create different outcomes. By the end of this lesson you will be able to make a pavlova from scratch.

  6. Pickled Silly — Pickling Stuff

    This lesson will demonstrate the process of pickling a basic product like an onion or a chilli.

  7. Local is Lekker — A Taste of South Africa

    Learn how to make some South African favourites such as bobotie, koeksister, potjiekos and Cape Malay curry.

  8. It’s a Graduation Party

    In this final class of the cooking and baking course, you will learn how to plan a 5-course menu, detailing the steps taken to prepare the chosen dishes and the service thereof.

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I love cooking and my goal is to gain some expertise to cook for family and friends. The class is interactive as you can write in the chat box if you have questions.


In my 4 weeks and 8 lessons to shaw academy cooking and baking course I must say...its FANTASTIC and AMAZING!


Loved it! well explained, with pictures of the tools I will mostly be using when cooking and for the different types of cooking methods. I can't wait for the next class!

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