Continuing Professional Development

Approved Programmes

The education provided by the Shaw Academy offers a perfect solution for those wishing to learn new skills and further their knowledge in a flexible and enjoyable manner. The practical approach undertaken equips students with the most up-to-date industry developments and focuses on learning outcomes which are beneficial in a multitude of contexts.

Approved courses have been assessed by independent, internationally-recognised organisations. This means that the content and structure of these courses have been independently reviewed and approved for multi-disciplinary and industry-wide development purposes. The accrediting organisations have reviewed our processes, design, quality of content and delivery of the selected programmes offered.

* This is a list of some of the internationally recognised organisations who have either accredited, approved, accepted or otherwise found our education may be eligible for continuous professional development submission and subsequent approval.

International Institute for Complementary Therapies
CPD Certification Service
International Compliance Association
The Bar Council
Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators
Law Society of Saskatchewan
Insurance Institute of South Africa
Chartered Quality Institute (CQI)
Nova Scotia Barristers Society
South African Association for Nutritional Therapy
Society of Actuaries in Ireland
Chartered Insurance Institute
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