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Business Programmes | Shaw Academy
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    Shaw Academy for Business plans include:
  • 1,500+ hours of live interactive content
  • Broad suite of accredited courses
  • Diploma and advanced Diploma level courses
  • Access to lessons on-demand
  • Dedicated support channels

Our Features Drive Your Success

Dedicated Educational Consultant

Dedicated experts on-board employees acting as your company’s single point of contact.

Reports & Analytics

Allow you to monitor your employees
progress and results.

Learning Paths

Achieve learning objectives
with our customized learning paths.

Volume Discounts

Enjoy corporate discounts based on
the number of licenses you require.

Priority Access

New courses are added every month
and your team will get priority access.

Practical Focus

Our lessons place an emphasis on acquiring practical skills that employees can apply immediately.

Tangible Benefits

Enhanced Employee

Improved Employee

Increased Employee


Pricing – Group Membership Plans

Number of UsersAnnual membership (billed annually)

1 - 20 users


per user per year (€29 p/m)

20 - 50 users


per user per year (€28 p/m)

50 - 100 users


per user per year (€27 p/m)

100+ users

Please contact us to discuss a more tailored solution

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