Your Guide to Motion Graphics

Sep 2019

2 mins read

In today’s time, videos have established themselves as the best way to communicate with your target audience. They capture the attention of the viewer and leave an impact more effectively than any other form of media. Motion graphics are a big part of this revolution, and are being used by brands around the world to convert difficult technical concepts into simple relatable ones.

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is the branch of video making where graphical representation combined with precise communication come help deliver a chosen message. Motion graphics takes the best of both these forms by adding video technology to graphic design. Motion graphics are most commonly used in explainer videos to make it easy for consumers to understand the nature, functionality and advantages of various products and services.

Key Elements of Motion Graphics: Following are some of the key features of motion graphics that make them stand out from other forms of media:

  1. Customized Tonality: You can use motion graphics to make a serious, sophisticated video or use humorous elements to make a more light-hearted one, depending on your requirements.
  2. Elegant Finish: Explainer videos made using motion graphics definitely have a better finish than others made using different illustrative approaches.
  3. Simplicity: Most importantly, you can use visual elements like tables, charts, graphs and diagrams to represent heavy data and complex concepts, making it easier for the content to be absorbed.

Combining Motion Graphics with Other Video Styles

While Motion Graphics are a great video style, many creators are now combining them with other video styles to make them even more impactful. For example, motion graphics can be combined with the live-action or whiteboard style in some cases. If you’re looking to engage with a younger target audience or add an element of fun to your video, you can use character animations in conjunction with motion graphics.

3D Motion Graphics – The Future

3D motion graphics are the latest offering in the field of motion graphics, and have helped brands take their videos to a whole new level of finesse. A motion graphic designer who is skilled at 3D motion graphics can add 3D elements to your video that will help capture the attention of your target audience and greatly improve engagement. 3D motion graphics can help bring your videos to life by adding 3D elements that will make your viewers feel more involved with your brand and service/product offerings.

In summary, motion graphics are an excellent video style for explainer videos that come with a unique set of advantages as compared to other video styles. To add a distinctive touch to your video, you can also add elements from other styles. A good motion graphics designer who is able to create a high-quality motion graphics animation video for your brand will be able to help your business scale new heights. Video is undoubtedly the king of media, and motion graphics will reign for a long time to come.

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