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Study Snacks - What's Your Favourite?


When you're studying you may often find yourself drawn to a snack. Whether this is a quick pick-me-up or a reward for completing a hard section, snacking can become a major part of focusing.

With snacking being an integral part of many's people studying routine, we decided to find out what the go-to snack for each state is. Surprisingly, 27 states agreed that Snickers is their top choice! Nearly 11% of all participants asked chose Snickers.

Loma Linda University discovered that chocolate (especially those high in cacoa) can reduce stress, improve memory, immunity and mood. Peanuts also help to boost overall cognition and memory, so maybe subconsciously we've been selecting a great snack to get us in the study zone.

Oreos also gets an honourable mention being 22 states top pick.

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Updated: Aug 27, 2020