Want To Learn MS Excel? Beef Up Your Skills With These MS Excel Tutorials

Feb 2020

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Microsoft (MS) Excel, as a program, has today pervaded almost all business spaces. It has emerged as the singular tool which harbors the capability of collecting, collating, comparing, analyzing and transforming structured and unstructured sets of data. MS Excel has worked wonders in helping organizations optimize their resource capacity, gather conducive business insights, enhance core data value and thus, maximize their average ROI. 

Excel holds a lot of value in the world – almost 89% of companies currently use Excel powered spreadsheets to prepare budgets, plan finances, visualize data and devise focused marketing strategies. 

However, for businesses to successfully unleash the full potential of MS Excel, they need to hire a workforce that is adequately equipped to handle this program’s intricacies. While many people claim to have a good grasp of MS Excel basics, the true knowledge of Excel can only be gained by registering for a comprehensive and professional MS Excel course.

So, whether you are looking to jumpstart your career, are willing to upgrade your existing skills or are simply wanting tolearn MS Excel, here are a few MS Excel tutorials that you can easily rely on:  

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1. Microsoft Excel – Excel From Beginner to Advanced 

Available on Udemy, this MS Excel tutorial, quite like its name, takes you on an extensive learning journey. You start at the beginner level, progress to the intermediate level and finally, end at the advanced level. This course provides a step-by-step, detailed guide to help you grasp the core concepts of MS Excel. 

Key Highlights  

  • 6 real-time Excel projects
  • 16 hours of on-demand video content
  • Focus on spreadsheets and reports
  • Understanding of basic functions
  • 37 downloadable resources

2. Diploma in Microsoft Excel 

A diploma in MS Excel from the renowned Shaw Academy can instantly boost your career prospects. Registering for an MS Excel course here can help you learn simple MS Excel basics like – editing workbooks, formatting worksheets, performing calculations, managing spreadsheets and creating graphs/charts.

Key Highlights

  • 8 interactive lessons
  • Weekly assignments and fun quizzes
  • 3 specialized modules
  • Downloadable workbooks
  • Bite-sized content

3. Excel Essential Training 

Being an MS Excel tutorial taught by real-world professionals, this course from In-Learning gives you the unique opportunity to learn as you go. It creates rich, personalized experiences which help you get familiar with the basic Excel interface while learning other functions like data analysis and task automation. 

Key Highlights 

  • Special focus on Excel’s menu system
  • 9 hours of video content
  • Use of multiple workbooks/worksheets
  • Understanding data management tools
  • Performing complex calculations

4. Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel 

A part of business statistics and analysis specialization, this MS Excel course is rendered available on Coursera. It is designed for the use of both – beginners and veterans. The course consists of 4 major modules where practical examples and real-life instances are used to facilitate understanding. 

Key Highlights 

  • A duration of 4 weeks
  • Weekly quizzes and assignments
  • Deals specifically with business statistics
  • Focuses on pie, bar and line charts
  • Understand pivot tables and scatter plots

5. Data Visualization With Advanced Excel 

The MS Excel tutorial on data visualization is designed and created by PWC. It provides hands-on instructions about the theoretical usage and practical applications of Excel worksheets. From built-in tools and dynamic dashboards to scenario analysis and model creation – this MS Excel course covers everything! 

Key Highlights

  • 4-week duration
  • Teaches advanced Excel functions
  • Simulation/scenario analysis
  • Graded quizzes
  • Peer feedback

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6. Excel Skills for Business Specialization 

Offered by Macquarie University, Sydney, this MS Excel tutorial is specially meant for those who want to use Excel for business purposes. It offers essential, intermediate and advanced levels of Excel specialization that will help you get acquainted with all the fundamental features, tools and techniques of MS Excel. 

Key Highlights 

  • Lasts for 3 months
  • Regular quizzes and challenges
  • Data cleansing and formatting
  • Business analysis and forecasts
  • Building professional dashboards

7. The Get Started Guide 

The Get started guide from the kennels of Microsoft, is principally a three-part MS Excel course which can teach you the core essentials of Excel, within a short period of time. Be it data entry, color coding, spreadsheet editing or chart generation – this dynamic course trains you in a variety of MS Excel basics. 

Key Highlights 

  • Audio-visual lecture series
  • Understand data entry processes
  • Practice on spreadsheets real-time
  • Drop-down list creation
  • Learn work-sharing techniques

8. Basic Excel Functions Page 

Taught by Excel Functions, this comprehensive MS Excel tutorial is a solid resource for anyone who is trying to gather more knowledge about MS Excel. It lists down all the functions and processes of Excel in grave detail, thus facilitating skill acquisition, knowledge retrieval and professional usage. 

Key Highlights 

  • Learn tips, tricks and formulas
  • Correct common Excel errors
  • Excel upgrades comparisons
  • VBA Excel functionalities
  • Keyboard shortcuts and references

 9. Excel With Business 

The Excel with Business MS Excel tutorial is a primarily an intensive, modular and educational course which focuses on enhancing your power of business analysis. It lays the groundwork for MS Excel with the sole intent of sharpening your technical skills while helping you make sound business decisions. 

Key Highlights 

  • Peer network of over a million learners
  • Focused on career advancement
  • Duration ranging from 6 – 32 hours
  • Certification from CPD
  • Unlimited access to the online course library

10. Excel Made Easy – Beginner’s Guide 

As the name itself suggests, the MS Excel tutorial from Keynote Support is the key for beginners to advance their careers and boost their business prospects. By diving into essential questions, this MS Excel course helps you understand the form, structure, functions, operations and tools of an Excel worksheet.  

Key Highlights

  • Basics of rows, columns and cells
  • Excel’s in-built functions
  • Learn about data entry tools
  • Workbook management
  • Understand Excel math

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The Way Forward 

MS Excel, at present, is being used across a wide cross-section of commercial industries. Be it banking, accounting, analysis, marketing, science, finance or even entrepreneurship – everyone involved in pursuing professional vocations is vying to learn MS Excel. This is because learning MS Excel basics doesn’t just increase employability potential, but it also helps develop technical skills, gain subject proficiency and thus, enhance personnel value. 

As a digitally powered future descends, the influence of MS Excel is expected to witness a tremendous increase. In such a competitive environment, possessing deep knowledge of MS Excel basics would prove to be extremely rewarding in both – personal and professional capacities. 

If you want to learn MS Excel and are wondering which of these MS Excel tutorials you should choose, it would be wise to opt for Shaw Academy. With its interactive, downloadable workbooks and bite-sized content, the academy will help you understand MS Excel quicker, better and smarter. 

Register for an MS Excel course here and get going now! 

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