Using LinkedIn Efficiently to Land Your Dream Job

Jul 2016

6 mins read

21st century has been an era of numerous developments and extreme standards of competition to succeed in each and every situation. Sustainability in the professional mode also demanded high grades of competitive dexterity in order to perform and deliver productivity. In more simple terms, the last couple of decades have been the golden period which resulted in a vast upsurge of opportunities coupled with a pool of talents competing to grab a better offer every next time.

Development of technology, innovative approach, dynamic products and flexible service industry paved the path to a wide-ranging demand of better manpower for facing challenges. Almost all industries looked forward to a fast paced change over a short period of time which triggered the demand of talented professionals who would be able to execute plans with an approach targeting overall productivity. Today we will be looking at some of the significant movements that would help professionals discover the most relevant career opportunities and how social networking sites like LinkedIn can be used efficiently for hunting your dream job.

An Understanding of Your Dream Job

Some of the highly successful giants have always said that it is good to start from the basics. So let us first unfold your inspirational spot which you would like to be a part of your professional career. Whether you are a professional with an experience of over 10 years or a grad termed as ‘Fresher’, your dreams are your unique thoughts for what you want to see in the future and what your vision is. If you are thinking of enjoying your professional chair, then probably you are thinking of pursuing your passion. Aligning your passions with professional career sometimes seems to be difficult, but with the right directions and seamlessly arranged milestones, it turns too easy.

Unlike those days when opportunities used to be less ranging from a trivial range of industries, today professionals have the key to opening locks of doors that lead to career specifications of their choice. Incredible photographers don’t just need to be called as freelancers as they have opportunities to join some of the Ecommerce giants for portraying their products and services. So if you are one of those talented individuals with unique skills to outperform the mass, you have the key to a bright future. But what you are confused about is what is the job position you should be looking for! In terms of job role, the best criteria that helps set your position is your experience based on time and projects.

Why Professional Social Networking?

Social network or social media, hearing these terms you imagine some names like Facebook or Twitter. Your assumptions are going the right way but it is far bigger than what we can imagine. The ones that we just thought are some of the dominating social networking sites but with the advent of technology coupled with innovative approach, numerous social media sites have evolved based on interests, purpose of communication and demographics.

So which social media are you hitting on and for what purpose? Let us keep your privacy! As we were concerned about a professional outlook on social media, there are plentiful social networking sites online which just focus on letting users build connections for professional advancement. With different functionalities and a wide range of flexible features, professional social media sites like VisualCV, Plaxo, UpWork, and the giant of all, LinkedIn. But what led to the advent of professional social networking sites as we already had generic points of communication and interaction. As the momentum in sourcing the crowd grew, more efficient platforms had to emerge in order to categorize the mass for transparency and ease of admittance which triggered the predisposition of developing a unique base for professionals.

LinkedIn took birth in 2002 and the online audience got a chance to experience the efficient professional network in 2003, a year after its foundation. LinkedIn presented a completely new platform of interacting and approaching professional opportunities which grew like a wildfire in a very short interval of time. It was far ahead of any other social media platform as it offered features combining professional endorsements, work experience samples, searching for professionals, sharing acknowledgements and building a structured foundation for organizations.

Guide to Using LinkedIn Efficiently

LinkedIn is a professional networking site which offers great customization features to its users using which they can tailor their profiles in accordance with passion and professional experience. Here are some of the most important steps a user should take in order to use LinkedIn efficiently for searching jobs and getting through.

  1. Customization of Profile – Any user is allowed to add information to the profile based on professional experience like summary, job experience, projects accomplished and education acquired. To add to the mark, the user also gets to set a professional profile picture that adds a mix of better outlook for employers. A user should always add professional experience with all details like job position, responsibilities, projects accomplished and the tenure of service for an improved outlook.
  2. Enhancing Profile by Adding Credible Information – Users should always focus on enhancing their profile by adding information that employers look for. Some such indicators are honours and awards achieved, volunteering experiences, courses taken, test scores, patents, skills and endorsements, and certifications.
  3. Building Valuable Connections and Influence – Users are allowed to connect with other professionals on LinkedIn. This helps grow the network and build outreach. Sophisticated connections like highly experienced professionals are a gateway to a well set profile for employers. A user should always stay in touch with the network and publish professional tokens of information linked to their niche which help influence the network.


While above are the best steps to building a strong profile that would help stay ahead of the competition, users are also facilitated to search for most relevant jobs over LinkedIn and apply for their desired job role. But succeeding in the competition completely depends on the approach of the application and the authority of the user’s profile. A distinctly well-organized resume adds to the scope of getting selected by the employer. Using keywords for searching jobs over LinkedIn most relevant to the niche of users is also a great way of landing at the dream job.

All done, you are all set with the tie knot to get a hike through LinkedIn. But what matters is an active profile on LinkedIn that almost all employers today look forward to. So the best way to keep the key with yourself is to keep the modifications on! If you have recently accomplished the Advanced Diploma course at Shaw Academy, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of showcasing your efficiency to the organizations.

Dos and Don’ts for a LinkedIn Profile

Minute errors may get your missile stuck on the way. Mind it! Social media engines have been highly intelligent and so are today’s employers. If you are completely ready to grab your dream job using LinkedIn, then you should first ensure that every bit of your profile is up to the mark without a single error. Here are some Dos and Don’ts you should take care of while adding information to your profile.

Do – Regularly update your profile and respond to professionals’ messages.

Don’t – Let your profile go out of date due to lack of information.


Do – Fix a professional profile and cover photo relevant to your niche.

Don’t – Miss out the photo part of use an irrelevant photo.


Do – Make use of professional language and correct English.

Don’t – Use casual language with errors.


Do – Keep the profile organized with updated information and latest changes.

Don’t – Publish incomplete and irrelevant information.


Do – Actively participate in building valuable connections by recommendations, updates and publishing.

Don’t – Keep the profile inactive with less updates and inadequate information.

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