Unlock The Secrets to a Flatter Stomach

Apr 2016

3 mins read

Everyone we know seem to be complaining about belly fats. There’s not even a single person I know who doesn’t want a flat stomach. In the quest to get rid of the stubborn belly fats, people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, besides trying out different exercises, yoga, diets and products. Unfortunately, most of them go in vain because people are ignorant of how their ab muscles work and how their bodies burn fats.

Understanding the difference between fat and muscles is crucial. Fats are nothing but the excess calories we ingest in the form of foods and drinks. They are deposited in layers and coat our muscle tissue. Muscles are fibres that shrink to produce movement. There’s no way that fat can turn into muscles or vice versa. You can, however, lose muscle and gain fat. Therefore, to get a flat stomach, you need to lose the layers of fat that coat your muscles.

It is important for you to understand that 80% of your fat comes from your diet and sedentary lifestyle. So, the key is to get your diet right along with regular physical activity. Here’s some secrets that you can unlock to get a flatter stomach:

Get your diet right:

Right diet

We all have different body types. Therefore, there is no one diet that fits-for-all kind of eating. The ideal diet would depend on your body type, your activity levels, your goals and several other parameters. You should follow the simple rules of avoiding:

  • Sugary and aerated drinks
  • Junk food like fries, burgers, pizzas etc.
  • High calorie or processed food
  • Fad diets that promise quick results
  • Dieting to lose weight

Apart from focusing on eating a healthy, nutrition-rich diet, here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Get a well-structured eating plan that includes all the three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You can also include healthy in-between-meal snacks.
  • Include a lot of fruits, vegetables and legumes in your diet. Study reveals that for every 10 grams of your fibre intake, your belly will have almost 4 % of less fat.
  • Focus on eating oily fish like salmon or eat good fats that you get in nuts.
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.
  • Limit your alcohol intake.
  • * Always carry healthy snacks with you for in-between-meal snacking.

    Get your exercise right:

    Right exercise

    We come across several videos or articles or products every day that promise you a flat belly in two weeks. There are several weight loss or fitness plans that people follow and attain success. However, as we already know that all body types are different; what may work for some might not work for the others. Therefore, understanding your body type and charting out an exercise regime that is meant only for your body type is essential.

    Once you have your plan in hand, you need motivation and commitment and focus to get the desired results. You will not get a flat belly overnight; it will take some time and patience. There are about 13 exercises that everyone should have in their programme, irrespective of their goals. If you can create a workout around these foundational exercises, you can be sure that your workout will yield you the best results.

    So, a healthy diet coupled with a proper exercise regime is all that it takes for you to get a flatter stomach. Even if you don’t see the results very soon, don’t quit after a month. The only requirement from your end is consistency and perseverance with a ‘can do’ attitude. Take your current lifestyle into account and plan your strategies around it.

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