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Top 8 Twitter Tools Used by Social Media Experts, and Why!

Aug 2015

4 mins read

There are many social networking sites available in the market, and all are positioning themselves to be the best platform to express feelings, share special moments, promote, express views and many more similar features. Twitter is one such social networking site which has millions of followers all across the globe. Not only are celebrities using Twitter as a communication tool, but there are also many business groups and organizations using Twitter to connect with and gain more customers or followers. It is slowly turning out to be a very suitable platform where the right promotion and awareness can generate both customers for your business and popularity for your brand.

Social media experts use several tools that are making it easier for them to track and check the status of every post or update. There are several tools available that help in managing Twitter account efficiently and in an effective manner. Here are some popular and top twitter applications used by social media experts.



HootSuite is an ideal tool that is meant for Twitter management and is quite popular amongst Social media experts. The tool is “freemium”, which can be used for free when there are fewer than five profiles to manage. The Pro version of this tool allows unlimited profiles, along with far more features at a price of US$5.99 per month.



TweetDeck is a desktop Twitter management tool that comes with similar features to that of HootSuite. The features are similar in terms of creating specific columns that are good enough to organize Twitter activity, it helps when sending longer messages, it creates shortened URLs and has many other features. The interface of this tool is quite easy to use.


Many of you may know about this as a URL shortening technique, but this tool will give access to a dashboard which you can use to shorten different links, and share them in multiple accounts. The dashboard also shows up clicks stats of links shortened. There comes an added bonus with this tool that helps every user to create short domains that can match their brand.



Triberr is another smart tool that allows every user to join different tribes of similar bloggers that can help to expand reach in this social networking site. Users can simply plug in a RSS feed and members of the tribe will tweet new post.


The is an advance as well as unique application that allows every user to collect few tweets and collate them either automatically or manually in any newspaper style format. It can be automatically shared on a daily basis on individual Twitter accounts. This is one cool and smart way to collect some top tweets – either by specific people on Twitter, or from your followers. This tool is appreciated by many due to its unique features.



Buffer is another interesting tool which gives you the option to tweet in a smart new way. The tool also has inbuilt URL shortening which can be used to shorten all links being scheduled. It also allows the individual to determine what audiences loves the most out of contents that are shared all through the day.



This is a special and tool which helps every Twitter user to schedule tweets, extend Twitter profile, track keywords and many more options all for free. User can also opt for professional service at US$29.97 that gives additional features like tweet via email, broadcast DMs, Facebook scheduling and many more features.**



Twitterfeed is an exciting tool that allows every user to add an RSS feed, which can then be shared automatically through any social networking site like Twitter, Facebook and many more whenever there is some new update. The tweets can be customized that will show titles of all new posts, links shortened, added usernames etc. This is quite an effective way to collect the content for all your audience – but do make sure that the feeds that are used have quality content to begin with.

There are several other Twitter tools available across the internet which are quite effective, and are used by many media experts… don’t forget that these are just a selection of some of the more popular ones.

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