Top 10 Online Fitness Courses

Jan 2020

5 mins read

Introduction to Online Fitness Courses

This is truly the age of convenience. Technology is always around to simplify your life massively, no matter where you are or what time of the day it is.

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Don’t feel like cooking? Just order-in through an online food delivery service. 

Forgot an important document? Get it delivered to your house via a hyper-local delivery app. 

But what if you don’t feel like going to the gym? What if it is too crowded, and you feel the need for some privacy to sweat it out? 

Well, that’s where online fitness courses step in and make things super convenient for you.  

That’s because these online fitness courses are the very definition of the term ‘plug and play’. All you need is a device to connect to the program, and voila! You’re all set to receive customised training programs that cater to first-timers and even hardcore gym-freaks.

Right then, let’s find out more about the best online fitness courses and online personal trainer courses that can help you get in shape!

Crush 60

The Crush 60 program is one of the most popular online fitness courses out there. Founded by the famous online trainer and fitness entrepreneur Ben Williamson, the interactive program is set out over 60 days and 3 phases. These online fitness courses can be accessed via a smartphone or tablet, and come with plenty of exercise videos (which are highly varied, hand-drawn diagrams of exercises), as well as a progress tracking worksheet. One of the coolest parts? It comes with a nutritional guide too, so you’ll be eating healthily after sweating it all out. 

Daily Burn

Daily Burn provides online fitness courses for the modern man. Everything about the online personal trainer course is based around one word, and that is convenience. Once you’re a member, you can stream from a library of more than 150 workouts right to your TV or smartphone! You can choose from a myriad of 30-minute workouts, and the program is designed to keep you going for 365 days a year. What’s really special here is the different types of workouts on offer, right from yoga to cardio kick-boxing, postnatal fitness routines to callisthenics and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). 

Physique 57

Physique 57 has been around since the year 2006, and count many celebrities as their clients. It is certainly one of those online fitness courses that stand out, as all the workouts use done using your own body-weight as resistance. All workouts are based on a system called Interval Overload, which targets various muscles like abs, pectorals, lats, etc. till their fatigue point, followed by stretches for relief. Oh, and they claim to offer results in 8 workouts, so if you’re looking for some quick results, this is the online fitness course for you. 

Get Certified in Fitness

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Caravan Wellness

If you’re looking for online fitness courses that offer a truly holistic experience, then Caravan Wellness is for you. They offer over 250 online practices and fitness ‘rituals’, ranging from yoga to meditation, mindfulness to healthy eating, and even detox routines. Average practice sessions are around 10 minutes too, so it’s perfect if you’re a busy-bee. All in all, this is one online personal trainer course that will get you fit from the inside out!

Forge Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

As the name suggests, Forge Fitness brings together programs for both fitness training and nutrition planning. They provide the complete online personal trainer course, which includes one live video chat session every month. Routines are designed for strength conditioning, weight loss, and even marathon preparations! Also, you can customise your nutritional routines according to your food preferences. This is one of those online fitness courses that is slightly on the expensive side but offers a great personalized experience.

Peloton Digital

Looking for online fitness courses with a difference? Well then, you could cycle your way to glory with Peloton Digital. The programs are taught by elite fitness instructors and provide you with indoor cycling routines that can be practiced at home or in your gym (if you don’t have an exercise bike). There are also online fitness courses available for running, outdoor workouts, boot camps, etc.

YogiApproved Classes

Yoga is known to provide tremendous benefits to both mind and body, and so the programs offered by YogiApproved are designed to improve upon your well being. Their online fitness courses are taught by expert instructors and include routines like cardio-vinyasa, chakra healing, mindfulness training, and of course, yoga poses for beginners and experienced practitioners. Oh, and the best part about these online fitness classes? They plant a tree for every member who joins their online fitness courses. 

Alo Moves

Heard of the fitness apparel brand Alo Yoga? These online fitness courses are their brainchild. Alo Moves have programs for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, and members can choose from a plethora of routines such as Hatha yoga poses, Vinyasa or flow yoga movements, various types of meditations, etc. In addition, the routines in these online fitness courses are pretty flexible too, and you can choose from 15 to 60-minute exercise programs.


These online personal trainer courses are unique, to say the least. Plyojam’s routines are based on dance routines powered by plyometrics, which involves rapid stretching and contracting of major muscles. It is an entertaining way to burn plenty of calories, as you’ll be busting hip-hop dance steps in quick, explosive moves. Check it out if you’re looking for online fitness courses with great fat burning and strength building routines.

Shaw Academy’s Diploma in Fitness & Weight Loss

While the aforementioned online fitness courses can certainly help you get fit, a diploma in fitness can help you understand the dynamics behind fitness like nothing else. The course is spread out over the course of 8 modules that span four weeks. It allows students to cover the fundamentals of fitness so that they can reach their health and fitness goals. In the end, you’ll understand the science behind fat loss, muscle building, nutrition, strength training, and so much more, and use the knowledge for a lifetime.

All in all, online fitness courses and online personal training courses are great ways to stay in shape, at the convenience of your home. There is no dearth of options available to you as well, and you can choose from yoga to biking and even dance routines to get you fighting fit in no time. Furthermore, a personal trainer certification online can set you on the career of a lifetime.

If you’re interested in truly getting to grips with the science behind fitness and nutrition, join Shaw Academy’s Professional Diploma today.

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