Top 10 Nutrient Dense Foods To Start Eating Today

A big part of proper nutrition is taking the time to make sure that the foods you eat are full of nutrition and are going to support a healthy body. While a large amount of weight control does come down to making sure you’re taking in the right number of calories, it’s the foods you eat that determines the type of bodyweight you lose as well as how you feel as you lose the weight. By focusing on the most nutrient dense foods possible, you’ll get the most nutrients in for the number of calories you consume.

To help get you started on the path to better nutrition, let’s take a look at the top ten nutrient dense foods that you should be focusing on.


Topping the list of most nutrient dense foods is kale. As far as greens go, you simply can’t beat kale. Not only is it a very rich source of antioxidants, but kale is also high in vitamin K, vitamin E, B vitamins, folic acid, iron, as well as magnesium. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Eating kale is almost akin to taking a multi-vitamin because it’s so rich in nutrients.

Whole EggsWhole Eggs

It’s time to start thinking twice before you toss the yolk of your egg. Too many people are in the habit of eating only egg whites because they think that the whole egg is too high in cholesterol. However as long as you have no pre-existing heart health concerns, eating one or two whole eggs as part of your balanced diet should pose no problem. Plus, most of the nutrition found in eggs is located in that yolk.

So what will you get from eggs? Eggs are an excellent source of protein, vitamin A, D, and E, along with folate, iron, zinc, and choline. Iron is an important nutrient to note because those who tend to fall short in this mineral will typically experience higher levels of fatigue on a day-to-day basis. By adding eggs to your diet, you can boost your endurance and keep up with your workout session. Eggs are also quick and easy to prepare, highly versatile, and very cost effective, so that’s another reason you’ll want to be adding them to your daily diet plan.


When it comes to protein options, salmon takes the cake. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which most people aren’t getting enough of during the day and will help to combat depression, diabetes, inflammatory related conditions, as well as improving brain health. Along with these healthy fats, you’ll also get a high quality complete source of protein that’s sure to have you recovering quickly after a workout.

To reap the best benefits from salmon, choose wild caught salmon over farmed salmon as it’ll have a more favorable ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids.

Chicken Breast Chicken Breast

If you’re looking for a lower fat source of protein to help keep your calorie intake in check, chicken is a terrific source. Chicken will provide you with not only a full spectrum of amino acids, but in addition