Top 10 Content Blogging Courses to Consider in 2020

Are you passionate about writing, and would like to take it to the next level? If content marketing, creative writing, technical writing and the like seems to hit the right nail with you, blogging is a great option to consider. There are innumerable tutorials, courses, and walk-through articles on the internet that can help you build a career as a blogger. 

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Whether you are looking to add blogging to your skillset or plan to replace your full-time job, these select 10 blogging courses will help you understand the nuances of blogging and navigate through how you can start making serious money with your blog.

Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

HubSpot is a well known online marketing, CRM, and sales management company that also has fantastic resources on many topics in the field. HubSpot Academy’s content marketing certification will help you learn the content creation framework for producing compelling content. With 12 lessons that span around 6-hours, the blogging course will help you create goals that will help make you well-informed and confident content marketing plans.

HubSpot proffers one of the best content marketing courses that also takes you through the essential topics generally covered in a blogging course. For this reason, a HubSpot certification is excellent for marketing professionals, students, and intermediate learners.

Digital Nomad Wannabe: How to Make Money From Blogging

Targeted for the serious blogger or those planning to make a shift to becoming a full-time blogger, the fully-online blogging course by Digital Nomad Wannabe will help you understand how to get writing gigs and make money online.  

After paying USD 24.99, the blogging course titled ‘How To Make Money From Blogging‘ will give you access to the book by Sharon Gourlay. Exercises on each chapter of the book cover advertising, freelancing, product reviews, and affiliate marketing. The resources and workbook are perfect for helping you generate passive income and take the leap to become a full-time blogger.

The Guest Blogger Certification Program by Smart Blogger

 A highly recommended content marketing course, the Guest Blogger Certification by Smart Blogger teaches essential skills to help you write articles for high-profile and credible websites. This blogging course focuses on how to create a personal branding, locate target blogs, and craft blogs that find a connection with the audience. 

The self-study blogging course provides complete training with quizzes to help you earn the coveted badge that you can display on your profile, while also getting featured on their platform. The six modules with over 50 training units are available after a payment of $499.

Blogging Masterclass: Build a Successful Blog in 2020 and Beyond

When you search for the best blogging courses on the net, you’ll surely find Brad Merrill’s Blogging Masterclass in the list. The CEO of Merrill Media, Brad’s work has been featured in notable blogs and publications, and he condenses his years of learning into a simple blueprint designed to help you build a career writing blogs. This blogging course available on SkillShare has 82 lessons in video format, which explore the many topics around blog content creation, email marketing, SEO, promotion, content planning, and how to monetize your blog. 

The blogging course is highly recommended for beginners and those looking to use blogging as a tool for their digital marketing and business promotion.

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