Top 10 Adobe Lightroom Tutorials

Feb 2020

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If you are someone who enjoys photography, video editing and designing, knowing the tools like Photoshop, Lightroom, Corel and other editing software are a must! But most of these tools are extensive, and Adobe Lightroom is a behemoth when it comes to functions and features that can be difficult to comprehend at times.

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Adobe Lightroom and Illustrator are amazing tools that help photographers to enhance photographs and bring out the perfect colours from the image. Not only that, it has many functions to design, improve and process pictures that are essential for anyone who wants to pursue a career in photography. Even the most advanced Adobe Lightroom and Illustrator tutorials, however, may explain the ins and outs of the tool in ways that only professionals could understand.

To help beginners find their way with these tools, here is a guide to ten Adobe lightroom tutorials that they can rely on to understand the tool. 

1. Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 for Beginners 

To start with Adobe Illustrator, one needs to be familiar with the basics of the software. This comprehensive Adobe Illustrator tutorial is perfect for beginners. The three-part Adobe Lightroom tutorials also cover Illustrator 2019 and are suitable for anyone who wants to make a quick start in these tools. The creator of the guide, Tech & Design is a great YouTube channel for DIY (Do It Yourself) videos and Adobe Lightroom tutorials.

2. Illustrator Basics in 3 Minutes 

Wouldn’t it be awesome if in under 3 minutes you could get a quick overview of Illustrator? The short and straightforward Illustrator tutorial by Daniel White does just that, in under 3-minutes. Not only that, his YouTube channel has tons of videos on Adobe Lightroom tutorials and other photo editing tricks that are great for beginners.

3. Lightroom CC for Beginners 

If you are familiar with learning photo editing and tricks online, Photoshop Training Channel will be on top of your list. The channel recently introduced a comprehensive 38-minute Adobe Lightroom tutorial and video training course for beginners. The instructor Jesus Ramirez helps to understand the various processes with tools, panels, and developing photos to prepare them for use. This Adobe Lightroom tutorial is broken in six sections and is perfect for those who want to jump to specific subjects.

4. Lightroom for Travel Photography: Basic Adjustments

Are you inclined towards travel photography and would like to share your experiences with the world through your lens? For travel photographers, this 5-minute Adobe Lightroom tutorial is a great start, teaching you about the specific optimizations and necessary adjustments to get awe-inspiring travel photographs. The video is courtesy the official Adobe Photoshop Lightroom channel and is part of its series for Adobe Lightroom tutorials.

5. Advanced Lightroom Tips for Professionals

Looking for an Adobe Lightroom tutorial that gives professional tips? For users familiar with photo editing but looking for advice on how to take it up a notch, the Adobe Lightroom tutorial by Photos In Color is perfect. The video tutorial has a master photographer Ed Gregory guide you through advanced lightroom tips for professionals and photo editors.

6. Create Portraits on the go with Lightroom CC

For portrait photographers, Lightroom has unique settings and features to enhance colour, lighting and tweaks to create impressive portraits. Explore these tweaks with portrait photographer Jared Soares in this Adobe Lightroom tutorial and learn how to shoot and edit portraits to perfection. This Adobe Lightroom tutorial is also shared by the official Adobe Photoshop Lightroom channel and gives the perfect tips for enhancing portraits and sharing it directly on social media.

7. How To Edit Photos Like A PRO

An Adobe Illustrator tutorial that is perfect for photographers, Sawyer Hartman takes you through the various lightroom tricks and features. The Abode Lightroom tutorial will tell you how to enhance photographs to get the right output and share them with other users. The video tutorial is perfect for beginners as well as advanced photographers to learn Adobe Lightroom and edit photographs easily.

8. How to Organize Your Images in Lightroom CC

While editing photographs and enhancing them is something most photo editors will work on, organizing these photos to be shared professionally is also essential. For advanced photographers who have multiple files and need tips to organize them, this Adobe Lightroom tutorial by Terry White is a perfect start. The Adobe Lightroom tutorial for organizing images will help you organize and save photos, making them easy to find and sort.

9. Adobe Lightroom Tutorial: How To Get The Most Out Of Night Photos

Clicking images at night is always tricky but is easier nowadays thanks to the advanced use of technology in smartphone and regular DSLR cameras. However, despite the enhancements to get naturally beautiful night photos, there are select adjustments showcased in this Adobe Lightroom tutorial that can take the output to be better. 

The Adobe Lightroom tutorial by Yuri Fine Art will teach in under 5-minutes the tricks to use sliders and filters to enhance night photos to perfection.


While most Adobe Lightroom tutorials focus on basic photo editing and features, landscape photography needs a few tweaks that can get a perfect landscape to look surreal. The Adobe Lightroom tutorial by well-known photographer Peter McKinnon shows how to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to create epic landscapes. 

The channel has other Adobe Lightroom tutorials and videos that are ideal for landscape photographers and photo editors in the genre.

Learn Adobe Illustrator and Lightroom With Shaw Academy

While online Adobe Lightroom tutorials are great to teach you the basics or a few tricks that will enhance your photo editing skills, complete and professional guidance can take it much further. For those who are looking to explore Adobe Lightroom in-depth and master the art, Shaw Academy’s Diploma in Adobe Lightroom is a perfect start. Not only does it incorporate all the basics from that an Adobe Lightroom tutorial can teach you, but the Adobe Illustrator course also has everything you need to take you images from the camera to the finished product.  

Bring your photo editing skills at another level and apply for the Adobe Illustrator course now!  

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