The Use of Drones and Quadcopters in Photography

Mar 2015

2 mins read

Drones and Quadcopters are being utilised more frequently within every field of photography. These “drones” are mini electronic aircrafts controlled remotely by photographers at ground level. They typically contain built in or external cameras that can capture a range of shots from various heights, speeds and viewpoints. As an excellent gadget and the latest photography must have, they enable the controller to capture stunning imagery/footage from an aerial perspective on a stable platform.

These devices are a much cheaper and safer alternative method for capturing aerial shots. Previously photographers would have to rent helicopters and go to extreme lengths to capture their desired imagery. The evolution of these drones has led to higher definition pictures being taken at a time and place that suits the photographer, thus giving them the flexibility of transferring and touching up the picture via the drones USB and Wi-Fi supported connectivity.

Similar to other mobile gadgets, the cost of a drone can range from anything in between $100 up to $10,000, depending on the specifications and features of the model. At the lower price range at $107, there’s the Micro Drone; a smaller device containing a 2MP camera and 20 minute fly time with every battery charge, more suitable for a drone enthusiast on a budget looking to practice with the device.

In the middle price range at $360, we have the Storm Drone, a device with a built in GoPro mount, wind endurance, LED lights and remote mobile viewing. Perfect for a photography/videography enthusiast looking to take their work to the next level.

Photography drone 2

At the higher price range, we have the drones used by the professionals, the DSLRPros Quadcopters.

These Quadcopters cost $7,499 and can mount a DSLR camera and support its weight flawlessly, permitting the controller to shoot at greater heights for a longer duration, using settings that suit them on their personal DSLR.

Photography drone 3

Due to the growing popularity and usage of drones, an online community titled “Dronestagram” was established over a year ago, giving photographers a platform to share their pictures and also conduct sponsored contests. Most recently, Dronestagram announced the winners of its first contest sponsored by National Geographic and Go Pro.

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