The Top 5 Photography Apps For Creative Minds

Jun 2015

2 mins read

As mobile phone cameras have improved in both image quality and in image effects, iStore and Google Play have become inundated with photography related apps. It can be somewhat of a minefield to determine which app is best suited to your own photographic needs. Everything from freeware to fully operational expensive editing software is available in application form. Some apps can add funky effects to your images, while others can take them to the next level and utilise the mobile’s camera in a way a professional DSLR would be used.

Below is a list of the best Apps available for Apple and Android devices.

Adobe Photoshop Express

A more basic form of the adobe Photoshop software is now available in app form. Adobes on-the-go photo editing is a fast efficient way to edit and touch up your shots. You can manually adjust photos or use automatic fixes and filters. It also supports numerous image formats including raw, which can be processed and exported within the app.


An obvious photo app choice is Instagram. This app fuses photography edits with social media. This app enables you to; Edit photos and videos with free, custom-designed filters, brightness and contrast, saturation and highlights. Via Instagram you can also find people to follow based on the accounts and photos they already love. Your pictures can be shared instantly via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks.



Picsart is both a photo editor and art software. The drawing suite, includes artistic brushes and layers. Photo editing features are similar to other apps, including filters, masks, text tools and crops. Picsart also enables you to form collages out of your galleries and merge them with clipart’s to create fun filled images to share with friends.


Facetune is an excellent cosmetic re-touching app. Facetune provides easy-to-use, powerful tools (to retouch and perfect every photo or selfie, making each one look like it came straight out of a fashion magazine. Photos can be re-shaped, flaws and blemishes can be removed with a heal tool and teeth can be whitened via colour change. All around of a very good app for mobile portraiture.

Camera Plus

Camera Plus provides gives a great range of depth of field within your shots, it has 3 modes – macro, normal and far, allowing your subject to be the object of focus. The app includes some other handy features such as filters, text captioning, colour correction and lighting adjustments which helps personalise your photos.

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