Super-secret of healthy life “Go Green”

Sep 2016

3 mins read

I honestly can’t think of a meal that didn’t include vegetables. But I am sure there are many who just don’t like including veggies in the diet. They can go days without eating an adequate amount of vegetables.

Vegetables are the main attraction of a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even after all the positive buzz about this food group, a surprising number emerged in the latest data which shows vegetable consumption has dropped over the past five years. Nearly half of the U.S. population eats less than 1.5 cups of vegetables a day, around 87% don’t reach the recommended minimum dietary requirement of 2 to 3 cups of veggies a day.

After going through the points below, you will know how important veggies are for a healthy life and what are the power perks of eating vegetables

Let’s have a look.

Go with veggies for healthy weight

Vegetables are high in fibre and water content which make you full in a more efficiently and healthy way compared to processed carbs that are deficient in fibre content. A combination of vegetables, protein and good fats will make you satisfied longer until it’s time for your next meal. Various research has shown, those people consuming primarily plant-based diets tend to weigh less.

According to a comparative study published in AJCN* those individuals who ate more plant foods over animal foods gained less weight. The result was attributed considering the part of antioxidants and fibre in veggies, the main cause of low weight gain. That’s almost 200 fewer calories than a bowl of pasta. _**So make a healthy choice, instead of filling your plate with an excess of unhealthy options try to gorge on veggies.**_

Digestive problems? Veggies are the solution.

We all know food brings feel a good factor. It’s a chain process- if your gut likes the food you will also like it. Consumption of processed food creates lots of digestive problems, constipation being one. The high fibre content in vegetable eases the digestive process and makes you feel good.

Studies reveal consuming a diet filled with vegetables not only makes u fit physically, but it also helps in improving mental level.

Boost your energy levels with vegetable

Vegetables help in boosting your energy levels if they are replaced with refined carbs and processed foods. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and high fibre content in veggies have the ability to improve blood circulation. It even boosts immunity, makes you feel happy, improves digestive health, maintains blood sugar, and regulates insulin levels. All these factors collectively make you feel healthy and energetic. The best part of modifying unhealthy carbs to healthy vegetables in a diet is its immediate response.

Veggies – healthy work out food.

Vegetables are best for fitness lovers. It even helps in enhancement of athletic performance. Studies suggest that the benefits of certain vegetables in boosting endurance and speeding recovery. A study from the Journal of Applied Physiology states that drinking 0.5 litre of organic beetroot juice daily for a week helped men cycle up to 16% longer if compared with a placebo beverage. Another study found that consuming 100% tomato juice, helps in reduction of exercise induced stress on the body by 84%.

Reduce the risk of chronic diseases with veggies

As we know, eating more veggies reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease and even certain cancers. A recent study found that regular eating of leafy greens reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by at least 14%. Plant-based foods are alkaline in nature which appeared as another reason to lower risk of diabetes.


Some simple addition of vegetables in your daily diet can help.

Let’s have a quick look on some healthy tips

  1. Addition of chopped spring onion in the omelette
  2. Having vegetables like carrot, cucumber, radish as a snack
  3. Having salsa made of tomato, onion on top of whole wheat cracker
  4. Eating burgers with homemade mint coriander sauce.
  5. Drinking vegetable soup as a replacement for

To lead a healthy life try making veggies the star of every meal and feel the difference.

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