Strategies to Reboot Your Job Search in 2016

Mar 2016

5 mins read

Getting a new job can be challenging today. This is because people are constantly upskilling in areas that are more relevant or in demand. They are also increasingly more focussed on what they want. They don’t wait for opportunities to come knocking. These are testimony enough that landing your dream job requires a lot of effort coupled with the right strategy. Let’s take a look at a few of them to help you reboot your job search in 2016.

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Come out of your narrow mind set:

There are several job seekers who fail to come out of their narrow mindset and are unlikely to go out of their comfort zone to take up something challenging. For instance, if you were only handling content marketing in your former job and the new job has a requirement for social media marketing along with content marketing, you are most likely to say ‘no’, if you have a negative frame of mind.

Be focused on what you want:

Studies reveal that job seekers find it difficult to answer the most basic question, “what are you looking for? If you are not focussed and you don’t know what you are exactly looking for, obviously you wouldn’t have a proper answer for this question. For instance, imagine that you are standing at a bus ticket counter and the person behind the desk asks you for your destination, you will instantly tell him or her where you exactly want to go and accordingly get the ticket. Similarly, if you are focussed and you know where you want to be; what are your exact skill sets; what kind of work you want to do; you are likely to succeed in your job search.

Learn new skills:

New skills

Several employees get so comfortable with their jobs that the thought of looking for a new job gives them nightmares. You may be used to your company’s way of working, but to excel or land your dream job, you always need to have a competitive edge by upskilling. Look out for the most in demand and relevant skills that will boost your career; go ahead and learn and get recognised. Taking an internships programme; or taking up strategic volunteering positions will help you immensely.

Connect with peers on social media:

Social media is a perfect platform to not only connect with family and friends, but also a great channel if you want to socialise and discuss with peers and like-minded people. You will also stay abreast of the latest trends and get to learn of any recent industry update. Get the word out to close friends and relatives that you are job hunting. Expand your horizons by connecting with the right group of people in social media. This will open up a world of possibilities for you.

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Manage your time:

Looking for a new job can be time consuming. If you still have a job but you are seriously looking for a change, you need to devote some good number of hours during the day and look for something that excites you. Looking for a full-time job requires research, applying online or networking, which will take up your time. So, learn to manage your time accordingly on different job-search strategies.

Enhance your marketing strategy:

new one

When you are looking out for a new job, you are trying to create your own brand and get employers interested. But how do you do that? Prospective employers have not met you yet! It is your CV or resume that will create an impression about you. So, remember, this is your core marketing tool. Review; rewrite; tweak; or seek professional help if you feel your resume is not getting the right response. Invest, time, money or energy to make it appealing. It is also important to pay good attention to your LinkedIn profile. Update your new skill sets, if you have any; make a key-word rich profile, which will get a good traction; network and participate in appropriate industry groups. Also, maintain a consistent professional profile on all your social media accounts. You can also come up with a digital portfolio to showcase your work and your expertise.

Prepare well:

Before you go for an interview, you should always do your homework. While preparing for your interview, your emphasis should be on your challenges; how did you handle them; and consequently, your accomplishments. You will fail to sum up properly if you are not prepared. However, when you are answering ensure that you sound natural and not as if you have memorised it verbatim.

Take it up as an exciting challenge:

During the course of your job search, be positive and try and have fun with family and friends. Treat this as an exciting period where you have an endless opportunity to explore. This will not only keep your spirits up but also make you fun to hang out with. Nobody wants to hang out with someone who complains all the time! No matter how your previous job was, do not complain about it to your prospective employer. Remember, nobody will want to hire a person who is negative and bad mouths his or her previous company.

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