Skin Care Tips: Secrets to Maintain a Healthy Hydrated Skin

Apr 2016

4 mins read

A bright and radiant skin is the best accessory that a woman can wear to complement her beauty. Our skin plays a very crucial role in how we are perceived by others. So, a beautiful and healthy skin further adds on to your personality, thereby leaving a strong impression with fellow people.

However, with age and time, our skin becomes thinner and the oil glands tend to lose their efficacy. We become more susceptible to sun damage, wrinkles and dry skin. A primary reason could be the increasing level of pollution with which our skin tends to lose it radiance and moisture. Such dehydrated skin can lead to uncomfortable itching and promote aging. Thus, to counteract these common issues, it’s imperative that we maintain a proper hydrated and nourished skin.

In this article, we shall explore some facts about our skin’s structure, potential causes for dehydration and a few effective tips to maintain that baby-like-softness and glow on your skin.

Skin structure

Although the skin structure appears pretty simple externally, its inner alignment is quite complex. To begin with, skin has three layers that together make up the largest organ of our body.

  • Deepest part of the skin is termed as hypodermis which is formed of nerves and blood vessels.
  • Dermis stands as the middle layer comprising connective tissues that mitigate the strain and stress factors from our body.
  • Outer elastic covering is called epidermis which is composed of flat scale like cells that keep regenerating continuously.

The layer beneath the skin comprise:

  • Nerve endings for touch and sensation.
  • Muscles which protect us from damage and bruises.
  • Collagen and elastin.
  • Fat helps to sustain the moisture levels.

skin structure

Moreover, skin has numerous sweat glands, pores and hair follicles that help in conditioning the skin, sensation and heat regulation.

Functions of the skin

Skin acts as a protective layer against numerous external factors. Such factors are believed to be the source of free radicals that impair our skin cells, thereby rendering a blemished and dull look to our face. Skin acts as a barrier to all these harmful factors and delivers the following benefits.

  • Prevents against mechanical, thermal and physical injury and hazardous substances.
  • Inhibits moisture loss.
  • Controls body temperature and produces vitamin D in abundance.

Skin types

As unique individuals, it’s apparent that we have different skin types or textures that demand special and specific care respectively. Thus, it is highly crucial to choose the right kind of cleanser for your skin type. Let’s take a look at the different skin types and the kind of cleanser that suits each type.

  • Dry skin appears quite dull and flaky as it lacks in oil.
  • Oily skin takes time to age as it possesses more active sebaceous glands.
  • Normal skin has the perfect balance of oil and water components which is why you can easily use a clay and foam cleanser.
  • Acne skin suffers from hormonal imbalances, reduced natural exfoliation, scarring and bacteria effect which necessitates the use of Salicylic and Benzol peroxide cleanser.
  • Dehydrated skin is deprived of moisture. It eventually gives more noticeable fine lines and wrinkles due to reduced cellular functions.

Cleansing your skin

skin cleansing

The primary reason why most of us have an unhealthy skin is our lack of a daily skin care routine. To combat this issue, it is essential that we understand the basic procedures that our skin goes through on a regular basis and accordingly implement the repair therapy. First step in this direction would be to follow a consistent cleansing practice by which we remove make up, dead skin cells, dirt, pollutants and free radicals.

Cleansing is the key to a natural and flawless skin as it removes the cream residuals, stimulates lymph flow to drain toxins and increases oxygen circulation. It allows the penetration of rejuvenating night products. Once you make this a regular practice, you are bound to have a brighter or radiant skin free from environmental stress. However, we must ensure not to over cleanse our skin as it can harm the normal pH levels. To complement this, coconut oil is another great medium for removing make up from your skin. But, make sure not to use baby oil or wipes as they can further block the pores that can lead to an unhealthy skin.

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How to cleanse your face?

A well-defined cleansing routine would be as follows:

  • Start cleansing your face with small circular hand movements. This is likely to stimulate lymph flow and emulsify better.
  • Move upwards and concentrate on your T zone (forehead, down the nose and chin). Make sure not to use extreme hot or cold water as it might affect little veins or capillaries right beneath your skin.
  • Try and repeat the schedule twice a day.

How to delay aging?

As we age, our skin starts taking a longer time to renew and regenerate the cells. For instance, a teenager’s skin would renew within 20 days, however, a middle aged person’s skin would take 50+ days to renew. If you wish to delay aging, it is advisable to shield collagen and elastin that are rich sources of proteins. The best practice to follow is mentioned below.

skin moisturiser

  • Cleanse thoroughly and balance out the stress elements.
  • Daily Buffer, a light exfoliation technique, to speed up the removal of dead skin cells and make your skin fresh and bright as ever. This would increase circulation, provide a smoother base for make-up, reduce congestion and deliver a supple skin.
  • Use a toner to balance the pH level of your skin. It is highly effective in hydrating your skin, absorbing the essential nutrients and tightening the pores.
  • A good serum is likely to help in skin regeneration, combat wrinkles and facilitate better penetration than a moisturiser due to its molecular structure.
  • Make your skin soft and supple with a moisturiser.
  • SPF is going to be a critical factor in your anti-aging efforts and can protect you against UV-A and B damage. So, ensure that you use it consistently.

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