Quality VS Quantity

May 2018

3 mins read

Quality Vs Quantity in Marketing

This debate has raged on and on in the marketing world. Do you drive traffic and leads by publishing lots and frequently or do you focus on taking time to create high quality content that will take longer to publish and reach fewer?

Let’s explore it.

Focusing on Quality

While every customer should be treated with respect and attended to with care, a relationship marketing style focused on quality targets the individual customer on a personal level.

This approach is best for service-based businesses such as smaller marketing firms, brick and mortar small businesses, and solopreneurs like coaches and consultants.

By focusing your marketing on making deeper connections with a fewer number of clients, you’ll cultivate security and generate more referral business.

Many business owners fail to realize that their own personal reputation will have a significant impact on their online reputation. Management of your personal reputation then becomes an integral part of ensuring that your business can succeed.

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Focusing on Quantity

When selling physical or digital products, your goal is to sell as many products as possible. But focusing on increased sales does not have to mean throwing relationship marketing out the window.

Instead of focusing on individual relationships, quantity-based relationship marketing works to connect with the largest portion of your target market possible.

It is the product – not you – that will build loyalty and engage the customer long-term. Creating a product that solves your customers’ pain points is the most powerful form of relationship marketing out there.

Learn Skills to the Next Level

Here’s a significant temptation to create accounts on every single social network out there. Don’t fall prey to this. Each social network is different, and some will be useful to your brand, while others will be useless. Do your due diligence and determine which networks are worth your time and effort. For instance, Twitter is one of the single most important sites for businesses hoping to engage in positive online reputation management, and Google is once more showing tweets in the search results. By engaging with your customers, clients, business partners and others on Twitter, you’re able to create a significant positive impact.

Personalization is a crucial form of customer experience. While some engagements are generic enough, most customers expect to hear from brands based on their interests and behaviour. Entire funnel of customer journey is based on content that is distributed specially for them. Unique content that address customer needs is the key to reaching and connecting with customers effectively. A huge wedge of inconvenience between businesses and customers can be evaded by simply reaching your target audience with the most relevant information.



Well there is no clear winner, you really need a bit of both but leaning on the side of quantity.  Then you can focus on growing value and customer Experience. It is never a challenge to keep your customers happy until and unless you know the ins and outs of your customers’ behaviour. Today’s marketing is more about anticipating and analysing what your customer wants and needs, much before they let you know. The battle can only be won by offering a ‘WoW’ experience to the customers and extending above their expectations. So, it’s commitment time. Roll up your sleeves and act on addressing the challenges of your customers.

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