Portion Size Versus Counting Calories

May 2018

3 mins read

Everyone is always looking for the quickest way to lose weight. There is one main component to losing weight. What is it, you ask? Easy! Reduce your calories. If you are in calorie deficit, you will lose weight. So you must consume less calories than you expend. How exactly can we track if we are consuming less calories then! There are two main ways to track your calorie intake. This is through portion size and tracking calories.

What are portion sizes?

A portion size is the amount of food you choose to eat during a meal. Everyone can control their own portion size. It is important to control portion sizes, as an extra 100 calories every day can lead to a weight gain of 10lb a year. Serving sizes are guides to help people get more familiar with healthy serving and portion sizes. 1 in 3 people report they find it hard to manage their serving size. There are 5 main food groups and there are recommended serving sizes for each food group. Portion sizes can be controlled easily. To reduce portion size, you simple eat smaller portions of food. So, in the past you may have had 3 tablespoons of rice with your dinner. To reduce the portion size, you can cut this to 2 tablespoons. You are simply reducing the portions of food you have been currently eating. You can also make clever food swaps. If going to have a treat, why not have a mini bar, rather than the standard size bar of chocolate.


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How do you track calories?

Calories can be tracked by using a food diary or by using a calorie counter app. There are lots of online calorie counter apps which you can use for free. Using an online calorie app saves the time of having to write everything out in a food diary. Most apps scan the bar code of the food which makes it super easy. You can pick your portion size for most foods. For some foods, you will have to use a small scale to weigh how much of the food you are having. Although, over time you will find that you continue to eat the same kind of foods. The app stores food which was previously used for a meal. You can search old foods from your list which is great if you are continuing with the same portion size.


Which is better for weight loss?

Both controlling portion sizes and tracking calories can be very effective for weight loss if done correctly. Both methods need to be followed consistently. Portion control is good for anyone who feels that tracking calories is not sustainable. It is easy to understand. When following, it is important to follow the serving size recommendations to ensure you are following a balanced diet. Tracking calories through a calorie counter app is more specific. You will have specific calorie targets, and specific macronutrient targets to hit every day. This is good for people looking for specific results, like losing body fat. It is the common method used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It can be more work at the beginning compared to portion control. Most find it gets easier after a couple of weeks. It makes people more accountable for the calories they consume when they must track it and physically see the number of calories they consume every day. Each person should choose a method which is sustainable for them.

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