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Mouse V Tablet, a Designer’s Debate.


This is a common debate among digital artists since there are people who use both to create good art. I personally have a strong bias toward using the mouse as it makes my courses, Photoshop, and Graphic Design especially, more accessible to all. This doesn’t mean that a graphics tablet doesn’t have any use or advantage at all. When it comes to an early conclusion, it’s up to you to use whatever tool you think is best suits.


The Tablet

Compared to the mouse, using a graphics tablet is like using a pen. Your hand is more relaxed when you use it and you are trained in this from an early age. This is different from a mouse as it is used in one hand position that’s put some strain on it and can get your hand cramped if used for a long time. Since graphics tablet allows you to point at any point of the screen very fast, it cannot just make you draw or retouch comfortably, but faster as well. Graphics tablets are used for more than just moving the mouse as they also support pressure sensitivity. A feature that allows you to draw like the pencil, the more you press, the thicker or lighter the lines or strokes you create get. They can do much more than that based on the software in use, Photoshop or Illustrator, and alternatives. Pressure sensitivity is useful for both drawing, painting & retouching. We can even get tablets that support tilt movement. Tilt sensitivity is available in higher-end Wacom device.


The Mouse

The mouse is the technically inferior device for drawing & editing, but this doesn’t mean you can’t create great artworks using it. Many artists did that for a long time and many still do. The mouse has its benefits. It is a good choice in one major art style creating pixel art, where you place pixels one by one to create your artworks. It’s also cheaper, possible not overall, and helps with the basic building blocks. From an education perspective, it’s easier to learn and teach.


If new to Design, then start with the mouse and work towards the smart investment. If already a budding designer, then maybe the time is now. as stated at the start, it’s up to you to use whatever tool you think is best suits.

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Updated: Jul 04, 2018