Mobile PPC Advertising: Version 2.0 has landed!

Jul 2015

3 mins read

The world of paid online advertising has witnessed a radical change in the last 5 years. Marketers who specialise in search have re-evaluated their priorities to the point we now have a ‘mobile-first methodology’.

We as a society have become obsessed with mobile. We only have to look up from our own tiny screen to realise just how widespread mobile has become. As marketers, we must re-assess our approach to online advertising and re-strategize how consumers will arrive at our offerings. According to Google, in the U.S., there are more Google Searches being performed from mobile than there are from a PC. In terms of PPC advertising, the game has changed and mobile must now be where we allocate the majority of our resources. Business lady

In what is now being referred to as v1.0 of mobile PPC, marketers were caught up in ensuring that they were covering the basics very well; they stringently tried and tested various bid prices and keywords for mobile search to arrive at an optimal level. This was done to get ahead of the curve more so than out of necessity. Now with v2.0, they will now look to optimize what they’ve built on to ensure they are staying relevant in this ‘mobile-first’ world. This new approach will be concerned with evaluating the location of the searches, when and why the search is being conducted and the UX of mobile search. These are all typical of the mobile experience; the location is dynamic and ‘always-on’ means we need to ensure that our content is up to date.

Google has very kindly outlined the four major ways that people now interact with their search engine via mobile and some figures that clearly show why we should be continuously evaluating our approach to mobile. The ways, or ‘moments’ as Google refers to the as are; I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do and I want-to-buy.


These are the moments that make mobile so powerful. When people need to access information on-the-go, Google can provide the answer. Every single search provides marketers an advertising opportunity. Google figures for these moments are:

  • 65% of online consumers look up more information online now versus a few years ago.
  • 66% of smartphone users turn to their phones to look up something they saw in a TV commercial.


These moments are in relation to people searching for places or services in their area. This can be for a local restaurant or a mechanic to fix their car.

  • 2X increase in “near me” search interest in the past year.
  • 82% of smartphone users use a search engine when looking for a local business. mobile payment


I-want-to-do moments may lead to people making are purchase and are essential for marketers to examine. It may be as simple as someone purchasing paint to redecorate their own houses.

  • 91% of smartphone users turn to their phones for ideas while doing a task.
  • 100M+ hours of “how-to” content have been watched on YouTube so far this year. 


The Holy Grail for digital marketers; people who are searching for something to purchase. This can range from football boots to cars.

  • 82% of smartphone users consult their phones while in a store deciding what to buy.
  • 29% increase in mobile conversion rates in the past year.

With this new found knowledge, take a look at your own activity, are you leading the way in mobile PPC in your field, or are you beginning to lag behind?

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